We don't just work together, we volunteer together! This shot is from our trip to do trailwork at the namesake park of our founder, Dorothy Erskine.

Employment Opportunities

Greenbelt Alliance addresses a single challenge: how the Bay Area handles growth. We are the only Bay Area organization that holistically addresses land-use issues across our region—from land conservation to smart growth development.

Join our team to help us create a Bay Area where the natural and agricultural lands that provide so much to our region are protected and where everyone can live in a thriving neighborhood that they are proud to call home.

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Volunteer Internships

Greenbelt Alliance welcomes volunteer interns for a variety of positions. All volunteer internships are unpaid. To apply for a volunteer internship with Greenbelt Alliance, please follow the application instructions provided in the position description.

Volunteer South Bay Campaigns Intern

Greenbelt Alliance is seeking a highly motivated individual for a rewarding internship in community organizing and policy advocacy based in our San Jose Field Office.

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Our Values

Just as Greenbelt Alliance works to create a better Bay Area, we also strive to better ourselves as an organization. To guide that continued improvement our staff and Board of Directors identified and adopted the following values. They reflect who we are as an organization, what we search for in our team members, and the internal standard we use to measure our work.

Advance Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion

Reflect the complete spectrum of Bay Area residents, ensure equitable processes, and prioritize marginalized and underrepresented communities.

Grow Together

Break down silos, amplify strengths, and support individual and organizational growth.

Be Bold

Encourage an environment where it is safe to express your opinions, bravely engage new ideas, and take smart, calculated risks.

Communicate with Depth and Positivity

Clearly communicate expectations, listen carefully, and always assume best intent.

Practice Compassion

Recognize, understand, and appreciate the unique perspective and shared humanity of others.

Take Responsibility

Honor your commitments to yourself and your team, and accept the vulnerability of admitting when you cannot.

Maintain Transparency

Foster a culture of trust by sharing information, decision-making strategies, and compensation ranges at all levels.

Have Fun

Channel the inherent joy of doing work you believe in towards creating a positive environment.