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Win: San Mateo Votes Yes on Measure CC

Update: San Mateo voters have approved Measure CC, funding services, infrastructure, climate adaptation goals, affordable housing, and other critical avenues to sustainability!

Greenbelt Alliance encouraged San Mateo residents to vote YES on Measure CC to help the City keep up with the rising costs of day-to-day operations, including challenges around increasing inflation, the maintenance of aging infrastructure, the provision of local services, and more. 

Rather than raise needed funds through more regressive taxation, like sales taxes, the City pursued a real estate transfer tax in order to address its funding needs. As such, Measure CC will increase the already existing tax on any real estate sale or transfer valued at over $10,000,000 by just 1%, from 0.5% to 1.5%. Though small, this amount is projected to bring in the revenue the City needs to remain fiscally sustainable while providing services to its residents.  

Why We Supported Measure CC

As noted above, California municipalities have difficult choices to make these days when it comes to addressing the ever-increasing costs of running a city. San Mateo chose an option that will be felt minimally (the City estimates 99% of property sales will not be affected) while still ensuring they will be able to raise the funding they need to provide maximum benefit to the population at large.

Importantly, in addition to providing money for services and infrastructure, funding from Measure CC will allow the City to pursue climate adaptation goals, affordable housing, and other critical avenues to make San Mateo a more sustainable place to live.  

You can learn more about Measure CC via the Save San Mateo Services campaign website here.

Others Who Supported Measure CC

  • San Mateo County Democratic Party
  • Silicon Valley Bicycle Coalition
  • Friends of Caltrain
  • San Mateo United Homeowners Association
  • SEIU

Photo: Mike Liu via Flickr

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