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Karen Santos Rosenberg

Karen Santos Rosenberg

Berkeley Vote YES on Measure N

Greenbelt Alliance encourages residents of Berkeley to vote YES on Measure N!

Voting “YES” on Measure N will help bring much-needed low-income housing to Berkeley. 

Measure N would authorize the development, construction, and acquisition of up to 3000 additional low-rent housing units. Berkeley citizens last voted on this in 2016, with the approval of Measure Z1, authorizing the construction of an additional 500 units of low-rent housing. Additionally, Berkeley voters approved the development of 200 units of housing for low-income people in 1977, 300 units in 1981, and 500 units in 2000. 

Measure N recognizes the need for additional below-market-rate housing in Berkeley and paves the path for more housing units to be built and made available to low-income residents bringing the city one step closer to alleviating the housing and affordability crisis. This year’s Measure N would build off of subsequent year’s measures and contribute to the communities climate goals as more people will be able to afford to live closer to where they work. 

Why We Support Measure N

As the demand for additional housing throughout California and specifically the Bay Area increases, it is vital that we increase our housing stock to meet the growing needs of our community members.

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