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Win: Benicia Votes Yes on Measure K

Update: Benicia residents chose to protect open spaces and promote climate-smart communities by passing Measure K to renew the city’s Urban Growth Boundary!

Greenbelt Alliance encouraged the residents of Benicia to vote yes on Measure K. In 2003, Measure K, a citizen-driven initiative, was passed to amend Benicia’s General Plan prohibiting all urban development outside of the Urban Growth Boundary (UGB). For the past 20 years, the UGB has provided stability for long-term planning and growth and promoted a cohesive pattern of urbanization without putting wildlife, working lands, or open spaces at risk. 

This year’s Measure K renews the language of Benicia’s Urban Growth Boundary for an additional 20 years. The establishment of the UGB was meant to protect Benicia’s open space, agricultural lands, and wildlife habitat from urban sprawl while simultaneously promoting infill and transit-oriented development. Through its approval, we can ensure that these spaces continue to be protected from unnecessary encroachment. 

Why We Supported Measure K

The establishment and maintenance of the UGB will ensure that Benicia continues to grow smartly and meet the needs of its residents and the climate. It is imperative that we protect our open spaces and agricultural lands and push development toward city centers and economic hubs where environmental impacts can be lessened. Allowing for more infill and transit-oriented development will also reduce overall greenhouse gas emissions and vehicle miles traveled. Additionally, Measure K will push forward our goal of creating a more climate-smart region for all citizens to enjoy and thrive.

Photo: Calmuziklover via Flickr

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