Let Fairfield Residents Vote on Their Urban Limit Line

Fairfield California

If you believe that voters should have control of Fairfield’s Urban Limit Line—the boundary that marks the outer limit beyond which urban development is not allowed—encourage the City Council to renew Measure L’s voter protections! This Tuesday, July 21, Fairfield’s City Council will discuss whether or not to add a measure to the November ballot that will extend the voter protections for the Fairfield Urban Limit Line. Back in 2003, 60% of… Read More

Discover Solano County’s Outdoor Opportunities

Kids and young adults in Solano County now have a new, one-stop-shop for information about the great outdoors. The new website, SolanoYouthOutdoors.org, has been a priority initiative of the Committee on Land and People (CLP), a diverse group of people who live and/or work in Solano County and care deeply about the land, community, and health in the region. Greenbelt Alliance together with the Solano Land Trust as lead convener and the… Read More

Solano County Declares Outdoor Recreation Essential

Lagoon Valley Solano County

Solano County’s Public Health Officer has released new guidelines regarding outdoor recreation during the Shelter-In-Place. This is a great step to promote resident’s physical well-being, mental health, and the county’s economic vitality through the careful, limited phased reopening of the county, starting with areas for outdoor exercise and recreation. Activities such as (but not limited to) walking, hiking, biking, golfing, and running are allowed, provided that social distancing guidelines are being followed…. Read More

Climate-Smart Solutions for Solano County

Solano County View of Mt Diablo

With the arrival of our newest staff member Kevin Riley, Greenbelt Alliance is excited to continue our work in Solano County, one of the largest jurisdictions across the Bay Area. Since 2017, we’ve been using our downtown Fairfield office to work closely with our Solano County partners. This work includes continuing to build on the educational outreach for both local residents and their elected leaders and incorporating powerful messages around the importance of… Read More

Summer Hiking in Solano County

Rockville Hills is one of the many stunning open space areas we'll visit during our Solano County summer hiking series

We’re leading hikes in Solano County this summer so people can see why we’re working so hard to bring a park and open space district to the county. Join us and discover the spectacular open space areas Solano County has to offer!

Add Your Name: Support the Creation of the Solano Park and Open Space District

Today, Solano is the only county in the nine-county Bay Area that does not have a park and open space district. But, together with local residents and organizations, we’re looking to change that. Greenbelt Alliance is working closely with the County, each of the seven Solano cities, park district advocates, and residents to make the district a reality. Parks and open spaces are vital to a high quality of life for people… Read More

Why Park Access is an Equity Issue

Understanding that parks access is an equity issue is essential as we work to bring a Park and Open Space District to Solano County

As we work to bring a Park and Open Space District to Solano County, we’re determined to bring equitable outcomes to the area. This framework will help inform our future work across the region.

Park Profile: Rockville Hills Regional Park

A view of Rockville Hills Regional Park

Rockville Hills Regional Park, just outside of Fairfield, is one of many delightful outdoor recreation areas in Solano County. We’re working hard to make the Solano Countywide Park and Open Space District a reality, which would help sustain Rockville Hills and other parks in the area.

Empowering Local Activists in Solano County

Greenbelt Alliance is empowering a group of motivated residents with the Bay Area Greenprint, using the Dove Creek development near Vacaville as an example.

Finding Funding for Resilient by Design

With the design phase complete, the focus turns to finding funding for Resilient by Design projects.

With the design phase completed, a recent workshop shows that finding funding for Resilient by Design projects is the initiative’s highest priortity.