Accelerating Climate Resilience

Forwarding Policies that Build Climate Resilience Now

The Challenge: The Bay Area is vulnerable to climate change, and our low income and communities of color are disproportionately impacted. Many communities just don’t have the resources, staff, funding, or incentives to take action. 
The Solution: Greenbelt Alliance is delivering innovative nature-based policy solutions for how we use our land and grow our cities to be more resilient, living with the power of nature in an equitable way. This is our plan…


We’re developing planning guidance, innovative policy strategies, and key partnerships that will bolster capacity and support local and regional efforts to implement equitable, climate-resilient land-use decisions.


Educate local, regional, and state government leaders on the climate-resilient land-use policies to prioritize, including nature-based solutions to wildfire, flooding, and drought, and prioritizing low-income communities of color who face the most serious impacts of climate change with the fewest means to adapt. For example, we’re documenting the role greenbelt lands and open spaces play during a wildfire; assessing areas like Sonoma County, where the Kincade Fire threatened the town of Windsor, causing 28,000 people to be evacuated. Our webinar with Town of Windsor Councilperson Deb Fudge and Deputy Fire Chief Matt Gustafson of the Sonoma County Fire Protection District dives into how greenbelt lands that surround Windsor played a significant role in stopping the spread of that fire, preventing mass devastation.

Advocate for incorporating adaptation measures and innovative policy solutions into ongoing and future planning efforts, and the meaningful involvement of all people in these environmental and land-use decisions. A project we have been advocating against is the development proposed along the South San Francisco Bay shoreline in Newark, where 469 single-family homes and 2,738 parking spaces will be built in a FEMA flood zone and wildlife refuge. And in Hercules, where the City is in the process of updating the Safety Element of their General Plan, we are advocating that they strengthen community and natural environment resiliency through climate adaptation and emergency planning efforts. 

Collaborate with various agencies, sectors, jurisdictions, and diverse community-based organizations to unlock regional coordination in planning for climate impacts. We are leading a coalition of grass roots and nonprofit environmental organizations along with leaders in Contra Costa, providing detailed suggestions that reflect our vision for a climate resilient future that should be implemented in the County’s General Plan and Climate Action Plan updates.


Greenbelts & Wildfire Research

We are conducting original research documenting the role of greenbelts as policy tools for wildfire resilience.

Resilience Playbook

We are creating easy-to-use guidelines documenting climate-resilient land-use policies and template language to build capacity for cities and counties in their local planning.

Innovation in Wildfire Policy

We are conducting policy analysis on best practices and cutting-edge, market-based approaches to unlock bold policy solutions to wildfire mitigation and resilience.

Regional Wildfire Collaboration

We are connecting with stakeholders across the region to discuss coordinated plans to address Bay Area wildfire planning and resilience.

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