Bay Area Gets Big Boost in Conservation Funding

San Francisco from Marin

On November 18, the Metropolitan Transportation Commission voted to significantly increase its investment in conservation by expanding its first-in-the-nation Priority Conservation Area grant program by over 60% to $16.4 million. This is a major validation of the importance of safeguarding these lands from sprawl.

Housing Activists Push for ‘Highest Possible’ Oakland Impact Fees as Mayor Calls for Patience

More than 100 activists are expected to rally on Thursday afternoon outside Oakland City Hall to call for the city to immediately implement the highest economically feasible impact fee to fund affordable housing.

Being Smarter About Land Use Can Help Fight Against Drought

By now, you would have to have been living under a very dry rock to not know the things we should all be doing to save water — let your lawn go brown, wash your car less, take fewer and shorter showers, flush less if you dare. But there is one thing that cities and counties across the Bay Area and around California can do to save water that has not gotten a lot of attention–be smart about land use. For three reasons, smart decisions about how communities grow and develop are also smart water decisions.

San Francisco Voters Say Yes to More Affordable Homes

San Francisco housing

Yesterday, San Francisco residents overwhelmingly said yes to more affordable homes by voting for Proposition A. Prop A is a $310 million bond for affordable housing that will directly fund building more homes for low-income and middle-class individuals and families.

2015 California Legislative Session Wrap-Up

Jerry Brown

October 11 marked the end of the 2015 California legislative session. Greenbelt Alliance endorsed a lot of bills (and opposed one: AB 779). Here is a run-down of how they fared.

Redwood City Adopts New Affordable Housing Policy

Redwood City apartments

We are thrilled to report that on October 26, Redwood City adopted a policy requiring new development to contribute to the creation of affordable homes. The policy is expected to generate more than $3 million per year for affordable housing construction through fees on new residential and commercial development.

Housing Crisis: Equity and Environmental Discussion

RADIO: Terra Verde speaks with Tony Roshan Samara of Urban Habitat and Matt Vander Sluis of Greenbelt Alliance on the housing crisis in the Bay Area and the threats and opportunities it poses to creating sustainable and equitable communities.

MTC and ABAG Propose Full Merger

San Francisco

This morning, the Bay Area’s two regional governmental agencies—the Metropolitan Transportation Commission (MTC) and the Association of Bay Area Governments (ABAG)—unanimously voted to pursue merging the two organizations into one. For years, Greenbelt Alliance has believed that the region would benefit from better integration of MTC and ABAG.

MTC and ABAG Integration up for Vote October 28

Those following the conversation around increased integration of our regional governmental agencies, the Metropolitan Transportation Commission (MTC) and the Association of Bay Area Governments (ABAG), will be interested to hear that MTC just released a formal proposal for an October 28 vote to consolidate the MTC and ABAG planning departments into an Integrated Regional Planning Department under MTC’s authority.

Planners try to keep pace with prosperity

These are strange times in the Bay Area: Never have things been so good by such objective measurements as job creation and never have so many people been ticked off. There’s too much development, too much traffic, too much change. We want remedies ASAP, but not if there’s a chance that they’ll make things worse. And why is all this happening here?

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