2020 Annual Report


Looking back on 2020 will be a fraught experience for years to come. We witnessed struggles and suffering around the region and around the world as we adjusted to the health and economic impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic. We witnessed individual and community resilience as people came together to support each other and adjust to difficult circumstances. We also saw the already significant holes in our community fabric being pulled apart. As climate change brings more uncertainty and an increase in hazards to our region, we are looking hard at the lessons of 2020 to knit together a stronger and more resilient community to face future challenges.

This year reinforced for us that racial justice and climate justice are one and the same. We must understand and acknowledge how land-use policy in the past has been used to uphold racial inequality and ensure that our future planning unwinds this disgraceful legacy. This is essential to building a more resilient and equitable region. It means we need to redouble our efforts to focus on the communities most in need. As we educate, advocate, and collaborate to build climate resilience, we’re creating deeper and stronger connections and partnerships across sectors around the region. Examples of this work include connecting affordable housing advocates to community members, protecting fire prone land from development, and connecting open space advocates to community members to support new homes near jobs and away from climate hazards.

More than ever, we have been driven and inspired by the power of nature in all of our work this year. California’s natural lands provide solace in difficult times giving us places to get outside, exercise, and connect. They are also a significant resource in curbing the effects of climate change while protecting our communities from climate-driven events such as wildfires, floods, droughts, and extreme heat. The power of nature reduces greenhouse gas emissions, thereby slowing climate change via natural and working lands that store carbon and remove it from the atmosphere. Governor Newsom’s recently announced 30×30 challenge—to conserve 30% of the state’s land and coastal waters by 2030—shows a growing awareness of these benefits across California.

As we look forward to the next year, we know that we as a region must continue to adapt to uncertainty. And while remaining hopeful that the pandemic will be under control, rather than going “back to normal,” we’ll continue to build bridges, embrace innovative policy and planning ideas, and center equity and racial justice in all of our work. For example, we are analyzing the Bay Area’s lands at greatest risk of multiple climate hazards as well as lands offering greatest resilience benefits to people and ecosystems. In this work, we are examining the role that natural and working lands can play in protecting communities from climate impacts, deliberately focusing on low-income communities and communities of color most affected by events like wildfires, severe flooding, and heat waves.

With this research in hand, Greenbelt Alliance will have a shortlist of Bay Area Resilience Hotspots and policy recommendations on ways to protect and steward these areas to unlock multiple climate resilience benefits—building toward the equitable, resilient future we need.

Amanda Brown-Stevens

Greenbelt Alliance Executive Director

Amanda Brown-Stevens

Executive Director


Wade Crowfoot, California Secretary of State for Natural Resources

Protecting Open Space for a Climate-resilient Future

2020 was a big year for Greenbelt Alliance. We managed to navigate the barriers presented by COVID-19 to achieve some very significant wins that are critical to a climate-resilient Bay Area. With the support of our dedicated community, in just one year we were able to strengthen growth boundaries and invest in our natural and agricultural lands, protecting the nature-based resources that are so vital to advancing the region’s climate goals.

Many of these open space wins followed months or even years of planning, collaboration, organizing, and relentless advocacy leading up to the November 2020 election. As a result, we were able to protect 1,200 acres in Antioch’s Sand Creek area from sprawl development by passing Measure T. Known for its majestic rolling hills and open expanses, the area provides a host of natural benefits, including critical wildlife habitat, recharge of groundwater supplies, carbon sequestration, and well-loved walking routes and scenic vistas. We also worked with the community in Sonoma to pass Measure W with an overwhelming 79% majority to renew the city’s Urban Growth Boundary for another 20 years. Measure W contains the strongest land-use mandate for affordable housing in Sonoma’s history—requiring that 100% of any land added to the UGB must be used for affordable housing, and that 51% of that land must be used to provide housing for low- and very low-income residents.

The growth boundaries used to achieve these wins are an effective way to protect natural and working lands, and they also help to curb sprawl. As we increase our housing opportunities and options, we need to do so in a safe, sustainable way to create resilient communities for generations to come.


1,200 ACRES

1,200 acres of open space lands protected.


Urban Growth Boundary renewed for another 20 years. 100% of any land added must be 100% affordable.


In November 2020, 82% of voters across the Bay Area passed measures that protect and invest in the region’s open space.

“...we can’t take our climate or wildlands for granted as we’ve lost over 4 million acres of nature from the fires this year. The power of nature is undeniable AND Greenbelt is doing the work!”

Libby Schaaf, Mayor of Oakland

Developing Communities the Climate Smart Way

Greenbelt Alliance believes that in order to build resilience, the housing and climate crises must be addressed together, using nature-based solutions to steer climate SMART—Sustainable, Mixed, Affordable, Resilient, Transit-Oriented—policy. That’s why we’re proud that in addition to protecting critical open spaces, we were able to endorse 9 climate SMART development projects in 7 cities across the region. These developments could bring nearly 8,500 new homes to the Bay Area, of which 20% will be affordable!

Climate SMART development impacts more than just our housing crisis. When we build homes in walkable neighborhoods, close to public transit, we’re reducing greenhouse gas emissions by taking cars off the road. When we build homes within existing urban areas, we reduce the pressure to build on our open spaces—increasing our resilience to climate-related risks like flooding, wildfire, and drought. And when we build homes in walkable neighborhoods with access to green space, we improve our quality of life—something we’ve found to be invaluable during COVID-19.

Upon reflection on these victories, we’ve realized that we’re on a bit of a roll—a five-year winning streak to be exact! In fact, over the past five years, Greenbelt Alliance, along with our partners and supporters, have protected at least 70,000 acres of natural and working lands while also spurring the approval of over 16,000 new climate SMART homes.


Climate SMART developments endorsed by Greenbelt Alliance


in locations across the region


8,465 Homes

The number of new climate SMART homes Greenbelt Alliance endorsed in 2020, advocating for inclusive development in the right places

122,932 MILES

Decrease in miles driven every day (Compared to county average according to GreenTrip Connect.)

48 percent

Decrease in daily greenhousegas impacts (Compared to county average according to GreenTrip Connect.)


Therese McMillan, Executive Director, Metropolitan Transportation Commission


John Erskine was the son of one of Greenbelt Alliance’s founders, Dorothy Erskine. Dorothy was a progenitor of “smart growth environmentalism” long before that term even existed. She truly understood, well ahead of many others, that saving open space and farmland requires redirecting growth into existing cities. With a mother like Dorothy, it made sense that John took a natural liking to the outdoors. From early childhood with his parents, John explored the Sierras, and in later years enjoyed backpacking—developing an intimate knowledge of the southern Sierra. As a fourth generation San Franciscan he understood the importance of having access to nature while still being able to live within thriving communities and city centers.

Dorothy passed on her knowledge to John who served on the Board of Directors of Greenbelt Alliance from 1985 through 1997. In 1993, John nominated Greenbelt Alliance for the Helen Crocker Russell Award, which was made to nonprofit organizations that improved the quality of life in the Bay Area through programs in the arts, humanities, recreation, or environmental protection. Greenbelt Alliance received the award that year! His leadership helped to shape the amazing places of the Bay Area and protect the region’s open spaces. We are most appreciative of his service and that he not only supported Greenbelt Alliance during his lifetime, but also made a commitment through his bequest to continue to support our vital work.

As we embark on our new vision for the future of the Bay Area, Dorothy’s and John’s legacies live on through our mission. Gifts like these allow Greenbelt Alliance to grow upon over 60-years of success throughout the region, and will be invested in our public policy and conservation efforts both today and for years to come.

Interested in leaving your legacy like John? Learn more about our Planned Giving program here.


As of September 30, 2020

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$200,000 and Up

John Erskine†

Jack Weeden†

$100,000 – $199,000


Laney and Pasha Thornton

John Wagers†

Solano County Orderly Growth Committee

$50,000 – $99,999

Applied Materials Foundation

Energy Foundation

The Wallace Alexander Gerbode Foundation

Orange County Community Foundation

Mr. Steve Silberstein


$20,000 – $49,999


Mrs. Lynne Deegan-McGraw

Elliot Evers

Craig Hartman and Jan O’Brien

Jon and Katherine Harvey

John Osterweis and Barbara Ravizza

Thomas and JaMel Perkins

The Rose Foundation

Silicon Valley Community Foundation

Syzygy Foundation

$10,000 – $19,999

Nancy Adler and Arnold Milstein

Arntz Family Foundation

Matt and Janice Barger

The Mary A. Crocker Trust

Judy Doi†

Dana and Robert Emery

Federated Indians of Graton Rancheria

Francoise Fleishhacker

Anne Halsted and Wells Whitney

Urs Hoelzle and Geeske Joel

Linda Jo Fitz

Arthur and Toni Rembe Rock


Diane Wilsey

$5,000 – $9,999

AmTrust North America, Inc.

Marcia Barinaga and

Corey Goodman

Andy and Sara Barnes


John and Jean Brennan

Carmel Partners

Daniele and Janine de luliis

Dagmar Dolby

Hellman Foundation

Fran Johns

Robert Johnson

Nick Josefowitz

Dan and Mimi Kingsley

Maximus Real Estate Partners

Meshewa Farm Foundation

Patagonia, Inc.

Pisces Foundation

Porter E. and Helenmae Thompson Foundation

$2,500 – $4,999

Tom Arntz

Bay Area Council

Stefan Bewley

Maynard P. and Katherine Z. Buehler Foundation Fund

East Bay Regional Park District

Fred Euphrat

Lorrie Goldin and Jonathan Marshall

David Hearth

The Honorable James Hormel

The James Irvine Foundation

Jon Kannegaard and Patricia Sandoval

Richard and Deann Kennedy

Jake and Barbara Mackenzie

Nion McEvoy

Metropolitan Transportation Commission

Peninsula Open Space Trust

Naomi Porat

Laurel Prevetti and Bob Hawn

Mario Russo

Santa Clara Valley Open

Space Authority

Santa Clara Valley Water District

Jean Schulz

Joe Sherman

Michele and Richard Stratton

John Sutter

Dee and Peter Swanhuyser

TMG Partners

$1,000 – $2,499

Dr. William and Helga Andereck


Edward and Sallie Arens

Teresa and Ralph Bastian

The Bear Gulch Foundation

L & L Borok Foundation

Albert and Shannon Bracht

Ms. Suzanne Brangham

Janet Brown

Tim and Gaynor Brown

Steve and Fran Butler


Robert Charles and Chandra Friese

Claudine Cheng

Climate Ride

Roland Dreier and Bina Bhattacharyya

EarthShare California

Will Evers and Melinda Ellis Evers

David Fowler and Kathleen Demetri

Terry Gamble and Peter Boyer

Stuart and Kate Gasner

Mrs. Mariam Graham

Grizzly Peak Cyclists, Inc.

Maud Hallin

Donna Halow

Jon and Connie Hartung

Steve and Mahala Heminger

Josh Hurwitz

Brian and Jessica Jencek

Doug Johnson

Derry and Charlene Kabcenell

Nancy Evers Kirwan

Michael Kossman

John Kriken

Stephen and Maribelle Leavitt

Robert Lewis

Peter and Beverly Lipman

John Mackie and Kate Ecker

Dan Marks and Cheryl Armstrong

James and Catherine Marsh

Ms. Elizabeth McClelland

John and Leslie McQuown

Anu Natarajan

The Nature Conservancy

Liz O’Donoghue and Jon Goldberg

Robert and Anne-Jette Oxenburgh

Peter Pfau


Barbara Pierce

Stephanie Pugash

PulteGroup, Inc.

Robert and Patricia Raburn

Helen Hilton Raiser

Jennifer Reed

Mary and Louis Reid

Enrique Rodriguez and Kathy Doyle

Toby and Sally Rosenblatt

San Mateo County Transit District

Mr. John Sanger and Maria Vella

The Schmitz-Fromherz Family Fund

Susan Schwartz and Robert Zucker

Lawrence Simi

SOMO Living

Sonoma County Agricultural Preservation & Open Space District

Tracy Stampfli and Lalit Balchandani

Tom Steinbach

SummerHill Housing Group

The Swig Foundation


Edward Topham

Fei Tsen and Wayne Lew

Mr. Warren Watkins and Mrs. Janis Harwood Grattan

Effie Westervelt

Steve Westly

Corinne Winter

Matt and Lizanne Witte

Michelle Yesney and Richard Gertman

Jaz Zaitlin and Mark Nienberg

David Zebker

Leadership Circle Donors

The Greenbelt Alliance Leadership Circle is a donor society open to those who give $5,000 or more to Greenbelt Alliance during a single fiscal year (October 1 to September 30). Their willingness to champion our core work of creating a more sustainable and inclusive future has a real impact on our ability to pursue our mission.


To find out more about our Leadership Circle, visit this page or contact Nora Cullinen.


Nancy Adler and Arnold Milstein
Solano County Orderly Growth Committee
AmTrust North America, Inc.
Applied Materials Foundation
Arntz Family Foundation
Matt and Janice Barger
Marcia Barinaga and Corey Goodman
Andy and Sara Barnes
John and Jean Brennan
Carmel Partners
The Mary A. Crocker Trust
Daniele and Janine de Iuliis
Mrs. Lynne Deegan-McGraw
Dagmar Dolby
Dana and Robert Emery
Energy Foundation
Elliot Evers
Federated Indians of Graton Rancheria
Francoise Fleishhacker
The Wallace Alexander Gerbode Foundation
Anne Halsted and Wells Whitney
Craig Hartman and Jan O’Brien
Jon and Katherine Harvey
Hellman Foundation
Urs Hoelzle and Geeske Joel
Linda Jo Fitz
Fran Johns
Robert Johnson
Nick Josefowitz
Dan and Mimi Kingsley
Maximus Real Estate Partners
Meshewa Farm Foundation
Orange County Community Foundation
John Osterweis and Barbara Ravizza
Patagonia, Inc.
Thomas and JaMel Perkins
Pisces Foundation
Arthur and Toni Rembe Rock
The Rose Foundation
Mr. Steve Silberstein
Silicon Valley Community Foundation
Syzygy Foundation
Porter E. & Helenmae Thompson Foundation
Laney and Pasha Thornton
Diane Wilsey

$500 – $999

James Abrams

Thorsten Anderson

Julie Arntz

Barbara Baksa and Andrew Spafford

Jack and Leslie Batson

Steve Birdlebough and Sara Davis

Keith and Kathy Boswell

Sam and Ginger Brown

Thomas K. Butt

Carrie Byles

John and Nancy Cassidy

Ms. Maria S. Chan

Wei Chiu and Rebecca Parker

Joan and Clarence Coleman

Jennifer Devlin

Ken Dupee

Mark Evanoff

William and Karen Foss

Mike and Diana Fredrich

Gretchen and Bob Gardner

Patricia Greene

Jill Grossman

William Haas

Jane Hiatt

Jackson Family Wines

Carolyn Johnson

Laurie Johnson

Jeffrey Kastenbaum

Patti and Larry Kenyon

Peter Kindel

Frederic Knapp

Mrs. Betsy Kutska

Robert Lawrence

Sandy and Geoffrey Leonard

Patricia Litton and Peter Ralston

Andrea Mackenzie

Henry Martinson

William McGlashan

Thomas and Virginia McKone

Robert Mittelstadt

John and Hortensia Nelson

Mary and Patrick O’Meara


Mark Reedy

Kirby Sack

Peter Sager

Ilana Schatz and David Lingren

Sue Schoening

Deborah and Harvey Shein

Wylie and Judy Sheldon

Bob and Wendy Singley

Andrew and Yesenia Smith

Cass Smith

Marcus and Ann Smith

Soren Spies

Michael Stanton and

Maureen Barry

Erik Strahm

Richard Taylor and Tracy Grubbs

Carolyn and Edwin Tognetti

Ralph Warner

Nina Weil

Marcel and Jennifer Carroll Wilson

Amy Worth

Chuck and Jane Zaloudek

Savor the Greenbelt

Savor the Greenbelt is our annual fundraising event to support Greenbelt Alliance’s programs.



Craig Hartman and Jan O’Brien

Dan and Mimi Kingsley



Patricia Dinner

Ellie Phipps Price and Chris Towt

Diane B. Wilsey






Nancy Adler and Arnold Milstein

City Center Bishop Ranch

Lynne Deegan-McGraw

Elliot Evers

Anne Halsted and Wells Whitney

Craig Hartman and Jan O’Brien

Jeffrey Heller and Lise Jeantet

Tom and JaMel Perkins

Arthur Rock and Toni Rembe

SKS Partners

Laney and Pasha Thornton

Diane B. Wilsey



Linda Jo Fitz



Andy and Sara Barnes

Carmel Partners

Dignity Health

William D. Evers, Jr. and
Melinda Ellis Evers


Hanson Bridgett LLP

Nick Josefowitz

Park Merced

Skidmore, Owings & Merrill LLP



Bay Area Council

Bay Area Rapid Transit

Boston Properties

John and Jean Brennan

Tom and Mary Brickley

Patricia Dinner

East Bay Regional Park District

HDR Calthorpe

James Corner Field Operations

Metropolitan Transportation Commission

Midpeninsula Regional

Open Space District

Nossaman LLP

Peninsula Open Space Trust

Ellie Phipps Price and Chris Towt

Laurel Prevetti

Santa Clara Water District

Signature Development Group

Michele and Richard Stratton

TMG Partners



Stefan Bewley


Claudine Cheng

Eden Housing

Jason Fish and Courtney Benoist


Robert Lawrence

Hollis Lenderking

Dan Marks

MidPen Housing

The Nature Conservancy

Pfau Long Architecture

Barbara and Jerry Pierce


San Francisco Giants

San Mateo County Transit District

Shute, Mihaly & Weinberger LLP


Sonoma Land Trust

SummerHill Homes

The Swanhuyser Family


Steve Westly

Senator Bob Wieckowski and Sue Lemke

Windy Hill Property Ventures



Keith Boswell

Fairbank, Maslin, Maullin, Metz & Associates

David Hearth and Lauren Hall

Anu Natarajan

Non-Profit Housing Association of Northern California

Santa Clara Valley Open

Space Authority

Effie Westervelt

Sonoma Leadership Council

Our Sonoma Leadership Council comprises donors who have contributed $1,000 or more in support of our work in Sonoma County.

Nancy Adler

Andy and Sara Barnes

Teresa and Ralph Bastian

Tim and Gaynor Brown

Stephen Butler

Claudine Cheng

Lynne Deegan-McGraw

Linda Dodwell

Dagmar Dolby

Elliot Evers

Will Evers and Melinda Ellis Evers

Linda Jo Fitz

Terry Gamble and Peter Boyer

Maud Hallin

Donna Halow

Anne Halsted

David Hearth

Robert Johnson

Nancy Evers Kirwan

John Mackie and Kate Ecker

Nion McEvoy

John and Leslie McQuown

Robert and Anne-Jette Oxenburgh

Thomas and JaMel Perkins

Stephanie Pugash

Michele Stratton

Dee Swanhuyser

Laney Thornton

Warren Watkins and Janice Harwood Grattan

Jack Kent Jr. Legacy Society Donors

Jack Kent Jr. Legacy Society members are donors who have named Greenbelt Alliance in their will.

Faith Allen

Andy and Sara Barnes

Zach Cowan and Sarah Stadler

George Tuttle and Ben Cushman

Tina Duong

John Erskine†

Mrs. Mariam Graham†

Margaret Hand and John Hartog

John Hartog

Wendy Marinaccio Husman and Dan Husman

Bud† and Fran Johns

Robert Johnson

Jeffrey Jue

Patricia Kaspar†

Mary Kent†

Bonnie Killip

Virginia Rawson†

Bob and Caprice Solotar

Margaret Spaulding

Celia Thompson Taupin

George Tuttle and Ben Cushman

Paul and Dorothy Wachter

Patricia Wolfe†

Betsy York and Demetrhea Terrien

In-Kind Donations

Hafner Vineyards

Handley Cellars

Jackson Family Wines

Kathryn Kennedy

Lagunitas Brewing Company

Schlein Vineyard

Volker Eisele Family Estate


Greenbelt Guardians Monthly Donors

The Greenbelt Guardians are donors who committed to making automatic contributions each month to Greenbelt Alliance.

Faith Allen

Brian and Debbie Auerbach

Bob and Carol Berman

Theresa Sweeney and James Blanchard
Greg Brockbank

Mr. Joe Buhowsky

Janet Byron

Kristen Clements

Ms. Caroline Cooper

Camille Cusumano

Jim and Laura Dekloe

Cornelia Diessner

Ms. Natalie DuMont

Simms Duncan

Mr. Mark Gion

Valerie Glass

Karl Goldstein

Wendy Marinaccio Husman and Dan Husman

Tobin Kendrick

Michelle Koo

Gustav Larsson

Sam Liccardo

Mr. David Marsland

Michael May

Betty Nelson

Sue Schoening

Dr. J. Donald Seaver

Patrice Shaffer

Marcus and Ann Smith

Peter Khoury and Amy Tanner

Ruth Tretbar

Mr. Roger Uhlig

Mr. Russell and Claire Urzi

Rick L. Wood

$250 – $499

Alan and Helen Appleford

Dr. Eve Armentrout Ma

Brian and Debbie Auerbach

Araceli Avalos

Nancy Bachmann and Dave McCully

Ms. Gina Bartlett and

Mr. Eric Halpern

Meg Beeler and

Thomas R. Von Tersch

Bishop Pine Fund

Ida Braun

David Burch and Janet Johnson

June and Earl Cheit

Mrs. Eunice Childs

Steve Cohn and

Rose Ann Critchfield

Jerry and Dorothy Coil

Candis Cousins

Cornelia Diessner

Bruce Dodd

Dr. J. Donald Seaver

Daniel Drake and Lee Steinback-Drake

Jeannie Duisenberg

Simms Duncan

Paul and Anne Ehrlich

Peter and Gillian Emblad

Ms. Arleen Feng

Tony Fields and Emily Ozer

Renata Gasperi

John Gibbs

David Goldstein and Julia Vetromile

Ms. Diana Goldstein

Paul Goldstein and Dena Mossar

Mr. Jeff Houston

Amy Huang

Mr. Joshua Hugg

Louis I. Jaffe and Kitty Whitman

Lawrence and Lori Lapides

Gustav Larsson

Sue and Peter Latourrette

Anne and Ryan Le Blanc

Doug and Susan Linney

Jeremy Madsen and Sarah E. Gilman

Gail Martin

Ms. Therese McMillan

Dr. Lee Mei

Jeanne Milligan

Kelly Moran and Mark Eliot

Noel and Penny Nellis

Hope and Jack Nisson

Mr. James Paxson

Regina Phelps

Abby Ramsden

Louise Renne

Mr. Arthur Richard Carter

Gwen Rino

Terry Rolleri

Joan Schretlen

Ryan Scura

Patrice Shaffer

Sandra Slater

Alberto Solis and Katie Tamony

Donald Stang and Helen Wickes

Julie Stokol

Mr. Russell and Claire Urzi

Luna Vu

Isabel Wade and Jan Chernoff

Mr. Joseph Walton

Kathleen Wesner

Mariquita West

Ms. Gretchen Whisenand

Dock Williams

Ms. Heather Wooten

James Yurchenco

$100 – $249

Karen and Robert Abra

Zak Accuardi

Anne Ackerman

Hillary Aiken

Wilma Austern

Peter Bacchetti

Erica and John Baccus

Dr. Brenda Bailey

Mr. Bob Barrett and Mrs. Linda Atkinson

Alec S. and Sharon B. Bash

Carole Bayer

Michele Beasley

Keith and Atsuko Bennett

Bob and Carol Berman

Mr. Thomas Blalock

Randall Block

Robert and Marion Blumberg

Michael Boom

Charles Bouril

David and Eva Bradford

Peter Brantley

Joseph Brennan

Shelagh and Bob Brodersen

John Broughton

Mr. Joe Buhowsky

Eric Butler

Janet Byron

Jerry Cahill and Kathleen King

David Cameron

Dr. Richard Caplin

Mr. Brian Carr

Myra Chachkin

Mak Charitable Fund

Dr. William and Von Chen

Su Chen

Dr. Carol Christensen

Annie Claybaugh

Ms. Janet Cobb

Zena Corcoran

Richard Colton

Ms. Caroline Cooper

Dale Cooper

David and Nancy Crabbe

John D. Cremin, Jr.

Claire Curtin

Camille Cusumano

Edward and Susan Darland

Allison Davis

Laura De Jesus

Donna DeDiemar and Chris Hamilton

Jim and Laura Dekloe

Patricia Derickson

Catherine Derringer

Kyle Dewolfe

Katherine Dollard

Richard and Linda Domholt

Michael and Catherine Dorman

Kay and William Duffy

Cynthia Dusel-Bacon and Charles R. Bacon

Gillian Edgelow

Mr. Joseph Ehrman III

Sandra Elles

Jean Evans

Bittan Evers

Mr. Earl Flage

Mary and Tom Foote

Mr. Alan Forkosh

Ed Fry

David Furst

Ellen Garber and Glenn Hunt

Marta Gasoi and Steve Patton

Ilana Gauss

Jim Geers

Dale Gieringer and Alice Agogino

David and Betsy Gifford

Mr. Mark Gion

Kathryn Girard

Valerie Glass

Mr. Paul Glassner

Karl Goldstein

Judy Gong

Leslie Gould

Nelson Graburn

Hugh Graham

Leah Greenblat

Nicola Griffin and Michael Marrelli

Theodore and Martha Griffinger

Ashwin Gulati

Thomas Hagler

Mike Hammes

Paul Hammes and

Audrey Kass

Neil Hancock and Jenny Blaker

$100 – $249, continued

Douglas Hanks

David and Susan Harnden

Gary Hedden

Dr. Valerie and

Richard Herr

Melissa Hippard

Jeff Hobson

Kirsten R. Holmquist

Rachel Hooper

Kip and Sara Howard

Mike and Linda Howe

Mr. William Hudson

Janet Frances Huseby and Robert Selden Smith

Wendy Marinaccio Husman and Dan Husman

Andrew Johnson

Martha Johnson

Patricia A. Kates and Henry E. Brady

Tobin Kendrick

Mary Kent Schardt

Emily Kenyon and

David E. Lipsky

Peter Khoury and

Amy Tanner

Joel King

Marjorie Kirk

W. Dale Knutsen and Marjorie Yasueda

Gerald and Rosette Koch

Ted Kolda

Bill Krumbein

Jim Kuhl

Baer Lawrence

Emily Lawson

Sheila and Paul Leach

Marguerite Lee

Tienne E. Lee and

Steven Nierlich

Mimi and Walter Levison

Norman and Florence Lind

Bonnie Lindahl

Kathryn Liston

Jonathan Livingston

David Loeb

Cynthia Long

David Luebkeman

Elaine Lum

James Madison

Peter and Carole Main

Carolyn Malmstrom

Bob and Diane Malucelli

Ana Manwaring and

David Prothero

Rosemary Marcuse

Mr. David Marsland

Dr. Ben Martin

Nelson Max

Laurence Mayers

Mr. Ted Mazzone

Derek McGreal

Kathleen and Paul Meagher

Julie Miller

Matthew Morse and

Susan Mattmann

Ms. Bonnie Moss

Poonam Narkar

Betty Nelson

Network for Good

Carol and George Nobori

Rick Nordensten

Mark Northcross

Jan Ogren

Lester Olmstead-Rose

Anne and Charles Olsen

Pratap and Chitra Pal

Mr. David and

Karen Paradise

Mr. Jeffrey Pekrul

Perl Perlmutter

Jim Phillips

Richard Pisio and

Elaine Torres-Pisio

Gary and Jean Pokorny

Vadim and Tetyana Pokotylo

Steve and Dorrie Pollock

Ms. Rita Poppenk

Marcia and Robert Popper

Stephen Popper

Mr. Chuck Purvis

Ms. Catharine Ralph

Wally Ransom

Jon Reiter

Jim Richards

Rick and Allyson Rickard

Bruce Riordan

Jeanne Robertson

Alan Robin and

Connie Levi

Ken and Catherine Rockwell

James and Esther Roitman

$100 – $249, continued

Mr. Richard Rollins

Jim Rosenau and Dianne Stockler

Polly Rosenthal

Tod Rubin and Catherine Corey

Serge Rudaz

David and Susan Russell

Judith Sarason

Karen Schaffer and Michael Ward

Richard Schechter

Erik Schoennauer

Mike and Sue Serrone

Gerald M. Serventi and
M. Susan Straub Serventi

Teri Shore

Patrick Siegman

Ellen and Gary Sirbu

Shirley Skaredoff

Tom Smegal

Ted Smith

Anthony Smrdeli

Hitesh and Melissa Soneji

Ms. Martha Stampfer

Ms. Jenifer Steele

Jack Swearengen

Theresa Sweeney and
James Blanchard

Annie Trouve and

Robert Beaumont

Dale Trowbridge

Mr. Roger Uhlig

Clem Underhill

Phyl Van Ammers

The Villages Hiking Club

Paul and Dorothy Wachter

Mal Warwick & Associates

Kathy Weinberger

Judy Weiss

David Westerbeke

Robert and Karen Wetherell

Kathleen Whitney

Frederick Williams

Mr. Mason Willrich

Marian F. Wolfe and
Scott S. Scheffler

Art and Janet Wong

Rick L. Wood

Beth Zelinski

Jan Zimmerman

Linda Zwerdling and
Joel Berger

Up to $100

Kenny Abiko

D. Mark Abrahams

Ann and Bruce Adams

Miss Malena Adzich

Linda Aiello

Dave Alden

Andrew Aldrich

Faith Allen

Elena Almanzo

AmazonSmile Foundation

Nick and Marcia Anton

Mr. Jim Apriletti

Sara Atkins

Joey Babbitt

Barbara Baccei

Mr. Doug Baker

Wate and Johanna Bakker

Irene A. Beardsley and Dan S. Bloomberg

Susan Becker

Nannette Benedict

Emily Benner

Iris Berke

Betty Bernstein

Beverly and Mark Birnbaum

Emily Blanck

Emily Bland

Richard Bloom and Bridget McCoy

Terry and Peter Bloomsburgh

Randall Bluestone

Burt Bogardus

Nicholas Bonnell

Rita Bosnich

Dr. Richard Bradus

Mr. Roland Brandel

Greg Brockbank

Erik Bruce

Charles S. Bryant and Mary Norton

Ms. Elinor Buchen

Steven Buscovich

Mary Lou Cachero

Mr. Thomas Carlino

Kristin Carlson

Ellie Casson

Mr. Harry Chomsky

Michael Clancy

Kristen Clements

Jeannie Clements and Gerald Griffin

Colin and Mila Coffey

Dr. Howard Cohen

Up to $100, continued

Mitch Cohen and Karen Gottdenker

Fred Coito, Jr.

Paul and Celia Concus

Randall Cook

Larry and Patricia Coons

Adrian Covert

Laurie Craise

Janice Dabney

Barbara G. Dahl

Willard Dakin

Chris and Dana Daubert

James J. Davis III and Gail Davis

Dr. Daniel J. Dawson and Janice Frazier

Don and Neysa De Fremery

David Depew

John Derdivanis

Mr. Paul Deutsch

Ms. Natalie DuMont

Michael Eaton and

Charity Kenyon

Susan and Charles Eckberg

Dee Eduardo

Frank Eldredge

Merritt and Marion Elmore

Mr. Bruce England

Janet Falk

Sylvia Fandel

Ms. Ann Faut

Thomas and Pauline Ferrito

Abbot Foote

Sam L. Foushee and La Rae Schneider

Ms. Elizabeth Fowler

Dietrich and Gloria Freytag

Lucy Friedland

Ms. Robin Fross

Mr. Frank Fuller

Joan Garbarino and Steen Jensen

Kenneth and Elizabeth Giannotti

Carol Goldberg

Ralph Goldsticker

Dan and Virginia Greenwald

Jeanette Griffiths

Cherry Grisham

Claire Grosshans

Mr. Eric Haas

Rita Haberlin

Marilyn Halberg

Linda Hale

Ann Hancock

Nanette Harris

Mary Harte

Stephen P. Hatchett and Phyllis A. Lasche

Mr. Richard Hawley

Anne Henny

Susan Hevrdejs

Mr. Steve Hibshman

Anne Hill

Michelle Hills and

Steven Stielstra

Daniel Hoffman

Bettie Holaday

Theresa and Richard Horrigan

Steven F. Horwitz and Bonnie Sanders

Karl Huag

Christine Ippolito

David Isaac

Gail Jackson

Stacy and Keith Jackson

Carol Jennings

Andreas Jones

Glenda Jones

Keasley Jones

Geraldine Judt

Dr. Daniel Kalb

Kitty Kameon

Ira Kaplan

Ms. Phyllis Karsten

Joshua Kaye

Warren D. Keller and

Jo Anne Keller

Mr. Charles Kennard

Catharine Kibira

Gregory Kimball

David and Mary Kimble

Ms. Jean King

Ron Kline

Don Knapp

Michelle Koo

Sibella Kraus

Bill and Susan Krawetz

Suzannah Kuhns

Judith Kunofsky

Dave and Maureen Kyllonen

Maureen Lahiff

Joan Lasselle

Curtis Lawler

Mr. Peter Leaf

Dr. Andrew Leavitt

Edward and Carol Lee

$100 – $249, continued

Brian Lehman

Michael and Sara Lerschen

Mark Levine

David Lewis

Sherman and Alison Lewis

Sam Liccardo

Karin Liedtke

Guy and Darline Lohman

Rick Luttmann

Eileen Maloy

Janice Maritt

Melina Markarian

Sandra Martensen and Alan Selby

Barbara Matas

Jeffery Matsuoka

Carol Mattsson

Michael May

Steve and Lynne McAdam

Brennan McBride and Brenda So

Joseph McDonald

Kate McDonald

Amy McKenzie

Don McLaurin

Mac McLeod

Mr. Peter McNally

Robert Meyers

Ms. Kathleen Miller

Jeff and Karen Miner

Janet Monks

Dr. Carol Moll

William Montgomery

Stephanie Mooers

Mark Mortensen

Ms. Gale Mosheim

Margaret Moster

Dina Mozden

Richard Mullane

Edward Nauss

Valerie Small Navarro

Laura Neish

Linda Newton

Anne and Sam Ng

Linh and Vu Nguyen

Kenneth C. Nitz

Vickie Nolden

Non-Profit Housing Association of Northern California

Camille Nowell

Bill and Judy Orttung

Mr. Julio Ozores

Mr. Stephen Pacheco

Caitlin Parry-McManus

Paul Peninger

Mr. Joel Perlstein

Leslie Peterson

Mark Pickus and Donna Caplin

Mr. Richard Poley

Cheryl Powell

Deborah Preston

Virginia Preston

Anita Rao

Sheila Raymond

Steven and Katherine Resnik

Mr. Guy Riddle

Penelope Rink and Frederick Toth

Drew and Margaret Robarts

Dennis and Judy Rodoni

Margit Roos-Collins

Jay and Melvin Rosenthal

Mary Salmon

Mark Sapiro

Cynthia Sawtell

Mr. Ceil Scandone

Ms. Nancy Schaefer

Heath Massey Schenker

Mr. John Scheibe

Bruce Schine

Marvin Schinnerer

Donna Schoon

Sarah Schulman

Ann Schwartz

Donald and Rosanne Seratti

Peggy and Ronald Shapera

Judith Shaw

Cathy Simon

Samantha Slarskey

Mr. Steven and

Mrs. Deb Slotsky

Ann Smith

Jeffrey and Connie Smyser

John Solomon

Laurie Soman

Ms. Carol Somkin

Erin Stanton

Adam Stern

Gary and Alice Stern

Mark Stevens

Elizabeth Storey

Alex Strange

$100 – $249, continued

John Sulzbach


Joshua Switzky

Nancy Terranova

Rachel Thomas

Doty Tile

Lisa Tillman

Gary Tipp

Nancy Topp

Katherine Triest

Wendy L. Turner

Thomas J. Tyler and Cheryl A. Fields Tyler

United Way

Richard Vanderlugt

Laurence Vermeulen

Mattie Vukmir

Stephen Walker

Jacquette Ward and Howard Shafer

Don Weden

David and Elaine Wegenka

Russell Weisz and

Judith Carey

Forest Weld

Vincent and Rosemary Weltz

Mr. Marcin Whitman

Cleon Winter

Julie Witherspoon

Dana Wolfe

Karen Woodbeck

Athena Xenakis

Glenn Yoshioka

Mr. Greg Yost

Yiyi Zeng

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