65 Years of Education.

65 Years of Advocacy.

65 Years of Collaboration.

Greenbelt Alliance is Celebrating 65 Years of Protecting People and Nature!

Greenbelt Alliance is looking back on 65 years of protecting the Bay Area’s natural lands and advocating for smart-growth that creates transit-oriented, walkable communities. But what’s next?

Over the next 65 years, Greenbelt Alliance will continue to mobilize communities and decision-makers to take action to protect our lands and the communities who depend on them. We’re doing this by harnessing the natural benefits that our open spaces have to offer—and we look forward to having you join our journey.

Stay tuned for special community profiles, historic campaign wins, and exclusive events as we mark this momentous year with the people who made it all possible.

Thank you for being a part of our community, and let’s continue to come together to realize a thriving Bay Area for future generations.


Blueprint for the Future

Celebrate Greenbelt Alliance’s 65th Anniversary with a cocktail reception and live music atop The Historic Klamath Ferry in San Francisco.

Hidden Heroes of the Greenbelt

Join us at the Salesforce Tower as we honor the unseen yet dedicated government staff who advance extraordinary work at the intersection of land use and climate change here in the Bay Area.

Our critical work will not be possible without your support. Will you help us reach our $650,000 fundraising goal?

Here's How You Can Support:


Every Bay Area city adds greenspace, parklands, and open spaces that are accessible to climate-vulnerable populations, thus reducing extreme heat risk and promoting healthier communities.

Every Bay Area community at wildfire risk is surrounded with a necklace of greenbelts that enhance protection and provide recreation, stewardship, and economic opportunities to adjacent under-resourced communities.

Every Bay Area shoreline community is prepared for sea-level rise by implementing resilient nature-based infrastructure.

Every Bay Area city has enough new homes in climate-friendly locations to ensure affordability at all income levels.

Celebrate our Legacy as we Look to the Future

Since 1958, Greenbelt Alliance has been working with Bay Area residents and leaders in achieving intelligent land-use policy focused on sustainable, climate-resilient communities. We are the only regional organization that holistically addresses land-use issues—from land conservation to housing & transit. 

The next 10 years are critical for taking action to protect Bay Area communities and lands from the impacts of climate change—and Greenbelt Alliance has an action plan. Through our Resilience Hotspots project, we are partnering with local communities to implement bold, on-the-ground solutions for how people and landscapes can thrive under a changing climate. 

We have identified the key locations across the region where this work is needed the most, and here’s where we’re working next:

Reduce the loss of life and property to wildfires by promoting greenbelts surrounding at-risk communities.

Conserve our precious wildlife and biodiversity by restoring hundreds of acres of wetlands that also curb flooding and rising sea levels.

Enhance the local bounty of our region’s agricultural lands by permanently protecting priority agricultural lands.

Organize to build support for flooding and wildfire issues.

Work with shoreline communities most at risk of sea level rise to protect their homes and livelihoods.

Approve more low-income, climate-resilient housing so everyone has access to affordable housing.


As we celebrate our legacy, join us today in ensuring a thriving Bay Area for future generations.

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