Sadie Wilson

Sadie Wilson

Prioritize Action to Mitigate the Impacts of Sea-level Rise in Suisun City

Suisun City is facing extreme risk as a result of sea-level rise and flood threats. With just 24” of sea-level rise, much of the City south of Highway 12 will face severe flood impacts. In the past year, the Climate and Environment Committee, led by Mayor Alma Hernandez, has taken strong initial steps to heighten awareness around the risk of sea level rise.

Local nonprofit Sustainable Solano brought together members of the public, Suisun City staff, elected officials and nonprofit partners for a Community Resilience Building (CRB) Workshop facilitated by The Nature Conservancy (TNC) to identify priorities for addressing the threat of sea-level rise in Suisun City.

As a result of the CRB process, TNC compiled a Summary of Findings outlining key flood-related challenges, strengths and assets of the community, and priority actions for mitigating and adapting to flood-related hazards. This report was discussed as part of a climate resilience community forum, and hopefully will be incorporated into the City’s upcoming Strategic Planning process.

This letter intends to communicate our dedication and support for advancing the priorities identified in the CRB process through action led by the Climate and Environment Committee and Suisun City staff.

Suisun’s low-income populations and communities of color will be impacted first and worst by the impacts of flooding and climate change—taking action now to adapt and build resilience is not only in the best interest of protecting the city’s residents, but also its economic and infrastructure assets that similarly face extreme risk as a result of sea-level rise and flooding.

Showing support for prioritizing climate action is key to advancing equitable, ecological, solutions—read the letter and sign the petition to show your support for realizing climate resilience in Suisun City!

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