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Tell East Bay Municipal Utility District to Conserve their Water Resources for Existing Communities

Act now to stop a major sprawl development project, protect current and future water resources, serve homes in existing East Bay communities, and protect our natural resources.

Tassajara Parks is a proposed 125 single-family home development outside of the Urban Limit Line (ULL)—the boundary that marks the outer limit beyond which urban development will not be allowed—in the Tassajara Valley area of unincorporated Contra Costa County.

In 2021, the County’s Planning Commission voted to deny the Tassajara Parks project and recommended that the Board of Supervisors also deny the developer’s application. Unfortunately, the Board of Supervisors voted against the Planning Commission’s recommendation to move the project forward.

A group of environmental activists, including Greenbelt Alliance, sued to ensure the County complied with existing environmental laws when green-lighting the project. Despite our success in court, the developer is considering moving forward, but it cannot do so without East Bay Municipal Utility District (EBMUD)’s consent.

We must now advocate that EBMUD sticks with their decision to protect the environment and natural resources, its existing water supplies, and its customers by refusing to supply water to new developments outside their service area.

Why Is This Important?

The city boundaries throughout Contra Costa County were created for a reason—to protect our open spaces and focus growth inside city limits. Tassajara Parks would force an amendment to a city’s General Plan to allow development beyond these boundaries and cause severe environmental and safety impacts for generations to come.

Water is a valuable resource. We have enough water if used efficiently in existing communities, but new sprawl development projects like Tassajara Parks will put current and future water resources at risk.

We need to ensure EBMUD focuses on serving new and existing homes in existing communities.

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