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2017 Greenbelt Alliance Champion Awards: Linda Jo Fitz and Megan Medeiros

Linda Jo Fitz and Megan Medeiros, two women who have been steadfast supporters and partners of Greenbelt Alliance will be honored at our annual Savor The Greenbelt fundraiser on October 3, 2017, with the Greenbelt Alliance Champion Award.

The award is in recognition of their lifelong contributions to the mission of Greenbelt Alliance—protecting our natural and agricultural lands and promoting smart growth within our cities and towns to make the Bay Area a place where all residents can thrive.

Linda Jo Fitz

Linda Jo Fitz has served as a steadfast ambassador for Greenbelt Alliance for over a decade, connecting members of the business communities in Sonoma County, San Francisco, and Oakland to Greenbelt Alliance and our work. Linda was originally drawn to our mission through her work promoting the conservation of local historic buildings in her role on the Board of Directors of San Francisco Architectural Heritage, where she eventually served as Chair. Despite having a full plate with her career as a Wealth Manager at Aspiriant and serving on several local nonprofit boards–including previously serving as Board Chair for SPUR–Linda has remained an exemplary champion for Greenbelt Alliance. A native of Sonoma County, Linda generously shares her enthusiasm, leadership, and financial support to help Greenbelt Alliance achieve our vision for a sustainable and inclusive Bay Area.

Megan Medeiros

Since 2013 Megan Medeiros has served as the Executive Director of Committee for Green Foothills. For over 15 years, Megan has organized people around local environmental issues and has become one of the most dynamic, recognized, and energetic environmental leaders in the Bay Area. Greenbelt Alliance applauds Megan’s role as a champion for the Bay Area’s open spaces and couldn’t be more grateful for her partnership. In particular, she has played a vital role in our joint work to protect Coyote Valley from being lost to sprawl forever. Megan’s previous experience includes working with the Silicon Valley Land Conservancy, directing San Jose State University’s Environmental Resource Center, and managing conservation programs for the Sierra Club Loma Prieta Chapter.

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