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65 Years Strong: Greenbelt Alliance’s Blueprint for the Future Anniversary Celebration

In 2023, Greenbelt Alliance marked our 65th anniversary! We celebrated this remarkable milestone on September 28 on the Historic Klamath ferry with our community of generous and longstanding supporters, who joined us in raising a toast for the next 65 years of protecting people and nature. Thanks to our guest’s support, we raised over $367,000 to help us continue our critical work in realizing a climate-resilient future for the Bay Area.

After boarding the Historic Klamath around 6 p.m., guests were treated to an exclusive soiree of fine dining, singing, and most importantly, envisioning our blueprint for the Bay Area’s future.

During reception, the Klamath’s rooftop garden provided a breathtaking backdrop of the Bay, and we were rewarded with a powerful supermoon. Below the deck, renowned Chef Robert Dorsey curated an elegant dinner that proved that sustainable and locally sourced cuisines are truly delicious.

To highlight the future of our work, we also showcased the Bay Area Resilience Hotspots initiative, which identifies priority locations across the Bay Area that are most at risk of climate change, with nature-based opportunities for resilience. Guests were welcome to explore a gallery-style exhibition highlighting these locations and reflect on the opportunity to protect and empower our frontline communities in taking climate action.

The Gala’s auction was led by the charismatic Ellen Toscano, a.k.a. “the singing auctioneer,” who sang about our Bay Area auction experiences. From nature retreats to a curated farm-to-table lunch, guests bid on exclusive Bay Area activities that represent the sustainable, adventurous (and delicious) offerings of our region.

Blueprint for the Future was a night full of excitement, camaraderie, and boundless opportunities to support and celebrate Greenbelt Alliance’s incredible 65-year history toward the future.

Kat Taylor: Resilience Rockstar

At the heart of the Blueprint for the Future event was our Resilience Rockstar: Thriving Communities awardee, Kat Taylor.

Kat has an incredible track record of investing in communities across the nation to help fight the climate crisis, decrease our environmental toxins, and build more sustainable food systems. Throughout her career, Kat has been a committed ally against the social, racial, and environmental injustices that undermine what our society could truly be, how we can co-exist with one another, and in relationship to our environment.

We were thrilled to present her with the Resilience Rockstar award and, also have Senator Josh Becker personally present her with a surprise award from the State of California. Thank you again to Kat for her longstanding support of Greenbelt Alliance and her inspiring dedication to our Bay Area communities!

Our Deepest Gratitude

The event would not have been possible without the generous support of sponsors who wholeheartedly endorse Greenbelt Alliance’s mission. Their steadfast commitment continues to be the bedrock upon which the organization builds a more sustainable future for the Bay Area.

The Greenbelt Alliance’s 65th-anniversary celebration was filled with joy, reflection and an unwavering commitment to preserving natural and working lands and responsible growth in the Bay Area. It was a testament to the dedication of Kat Taylor and countless supporters who have shaped a legacy that will endure for generations to come.

To all who attended and supported this year’s event, thank you for being part of Greenbelt Alliance’s journey. We eagerly anticipate your continued support as we embark on the next chapter of our mission to create a sustainable and resilient Bay Area.

Photos by Agency Moanalani Jeffrey

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