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Election 2016 Win: Sunnyvale Says NO to Measure M

UPDATE: We are happy to report that Measure M did not pass in the November 2016 election.

Measure M is a poorly conceived initiative that would make the city less affordable and sustainable while wasting limited taxpayer funds.

This measure would require a public vote for the sale, lease, lease extension, lease renewal, land swap, or transfer of properties, facilities, or land that the city owns, leases, or uses.

Sounds confusing? It is.

This misguided measure would have a host of negative impacts for Sunnyvale and surrounding communities. By requiring costly elections for a wide variety of basic city functions, it’s estimated to cost Sunnyvale taxpayers anywhere from $41,000 to $700,000 per election cycle and increase the city’s risk of litigation.

It would also exacerbate the city’s housing affordability challenges by creating new barriers to providing affordable homes. Cities often utilize publicly owned land to provide homes for those most in need. This measure would make it nearly impossible to do so. That will push development to the edges of the region onto our natural and agricultural lands and exacerbate the region’s traffic and long commutes.

The measure is opposed by a broad coalition of community, environmental, affordable housing, business, labor, and public safety officer organizations. It requires a majority vote to pass.

Greenbelt Alliance urges everyone in Sunnyvale to vote NO on Measure M.

Learn more: http://saveoursunnyvale.com/

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