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Favorite Bay Area Spots From a Few Friends

As part of our countdown to Earth Day campaign, we heard from some of our partners and friends who kindly shared their favorite Bay Area places with us!

Michele Beasley, Executive Director, San Mateo County Parks Foundation:

san bruno mountain
san bruno mountain view

San Bruno Mountain is one of my favorite San Mateo County Parks. I love it for its incredible views, plant diversity, and for the fog and great hikes. For urban planning nutters, it’s also fun to see San Francisco and the Peninsula laid out before you here.

A fun note: the protection of San Bruno Moutain helped launch Citizens for Regional Recreation and Parks, which eventually became Greenbelt Alliance, 60 years ago!

Megan Fluke, Executive Director, Green Foothills

My favorite place that I’ve visited during this time has to be the Coyote Valley Open Space Preserve. I went a few weeks back for the 4-mile loop and right when I got to the highest point (and furthest away spot from my car) it started to rain. As I ran to finish my outing, I looked across to another ridgeline and a low rainbow appeared that made it look as if the hillside itself was a rainbow!

So grateful for the work Green Foothills has done with Greenbelt Alliance to protect the Coyote Valley region. There is more work to do, of course!

Header Image: Don DeBold via Flickr

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