Mount Diablo Wildflowers by Joe Lewis via Flickr
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Go on a Virtual Outing While Sheltering in Place

While we shelter in place, how about taking a virtual hike in the East Bay?

Writer and editor Joan Hamilton has produced Audible Mount Diablo, featuring trails in Mount Diablo State Park as well as surrounding regional parks, open space areas, and watersheds. Joan’s free multimedia tours combine lively interviews and music with the rush of wind and the chirps, howls, and growls of wildlife. Just what we need to cheer us up these spring days.

You can watch the tours at home and then visit in person when we are all up and running (or hiking) again. Some of the featured tours are outings that Greenbelt Alliance offers on a regular basis, and others include commentary by me, Greenbelt Alliance’s Outing Coordinator (Falls Trail, Trail Through Time, Mary Bowerman Trail, and a few more). See you on the virtual trail!

Photo: Joe Lewis via Flickr

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