Joel Devalcourt

Joel Devalcourt

Greenbelt Alliance Endorsed: 2700 West El Camino in Mountain View

Greenbelt Alliance is excited that the Mountain View City Council unanimously approved the 2700 West El Camino project by SummerHill Apartment Communities.

After years of working with the City of Mountain View to shape the El Camino Real Precise Plan, we are thrilled to endorse a smart project that helps implements the vision for a thriving place to live, work, and play near transit.

2700 West El Camino provides 211 new homes just a half-mile walk from the San Antonio Transit Center. We are particularly excited that it will include new homes for people across the income spectrum and contribute approximately $1.43 million to the City’s Affordable Housing Fund. The project will also contribute to a variety of other community benefits, including a new bike path to help connect Del Medio Avenue to a bike boulevard on Cesano Court.

As a great example of smart infill development, 2700 West El Camino supports the local economy, relieves development pressure on the region’s open spaces, and offers a host of other environmental and quality of life benefits.

Learn more about our Endorsement Program here.

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