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Greenbelt Alliance Endorsed: Artisan Crossing Housing Project in Belmont

Update: The Artisan Crossing project in Belmont was approved by City Council on May 14, 2019.

Greenbelt Alliance is excited to endorse the Artisan Crossing project in Belmont, setting a high bar for infill development along the Peninsula.

Artisan Crossing would be one of the first projects to move forward after the adoption of the Belmont Village Specific Plan, which provides a smart growth vision for the community and will hopefully catalyze additional infill development along El Camino Real.

The City of Belmont also recently adopted an inclusionary zoning ordinance that requires all projects over 25 units provide at least 15% low-income units. Accordingly, Artisan Crossing will create 175 homes, 26 of which will be reserved for low-income households, adding desperately needed homes on the Peninsula.

Artisan Crossing is a quick, quarter-mile walk to the Belmont Caltrain station. Refreshingly, the project has more parking spaces for bikes than for cars. To encourage active living and transit use, Artisan Crossing will also offer transit passes for residents.

Speaking to its name, the project will also provide community amenities to encourage the arts, including a large public plaza that will include public art and a nonprofit art center with studios and a performance/exhibition space. At a time when so many of the Bay Area’s artists struggle to afford to live and work here, these opportunities are part of what will keep the fabric of our region thriving.

As a great example of smart infill development, this project supports the local economy, relieves development pressure on the region’s open spaces, and offers a host of other environmental and quality of life benefits.

Needless to say, we are proud to endorse the Artisan Crossing project. Learn more about our Endorsement Program here.

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