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Greenbelt Alliance Endorsed: New Mixed-Use Development On South San Francisco PUC Site

Greenbelt Alliance is excited to endorse the South San Francisco PUC Project. This is a mixed-use development project that will provide 20% of its residential units as affordable housing and over 13,000 square feet of community retail, located just a half-mile from the South San Francisco BART station. The project meets Greenbelt Alliance’s strict endorsement criteria for sustainable urban development.

At 800 residential units spread across 3 buildings on a 5.9-acre site, the project’s proposed housing density sits squarely between the minimum allowable density of approximately 500 units and the maximum density of roughly 1,068 units. The project developer L37 Partners has partnered with BRIDGE Housing to provide 20% of its units at low- to very low-income levels. The project will also include childcare facilities.

The project also contains over 13,000 square feet of community retail, intended to attract local businesses such as a bakery, microbrewery, café, and other small businesses that could support a market hall-type project.

In addition to the residential units and community retail, the project will improve the nearby linear trail/park known as the Centennial Trail. Currently, this trail runs north-south between the SSF BART station and the San Bruno BART station and is a popular walking and bike path. However, this trail is not currently easy to access; therefore, the project will open up three new entry sites to allow convenient public access to this trail. Bike share stations are also being encouraged for installation along the trail.

The project will pursue a Greenpoint rating, issued by Build It Green, that certifies it has met rigorous environmental standards. These include low-impact development measures such as drought-tolerant landscaping, greywater reuse, indoor air quality protection, light pollution reduction, and permeable paving—all of which are much needed as we battle climate change.

Because this project encourages smart growth within city limits and near transit, we are proud to endorse it. Learn more about our Endorsement Program here or contact us here.

Sprawl is a critical threat to areas around the Bay Area, including places like South San Francisco. Check out our At Risk report to find out more.

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