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Greenbelt Alliance Endorsed: Serramonte Del Rey Neighborhood

Update: Greenbelt Alliance is excited that The Daly City City Council approved the Serramonte Del Rey project in March 2024!

Greenbelt Alliance is excited to endorse Jefferson Union High School District (JUHSD)’s Serramonte Del Rey Neighborhood, a proposed mixed-use development in Daly City. This innovative development envisions 1,113 units with 20% low and moderate income housing, including 24 units set aside for residents with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities (IDD). A total of 122 units will be reserved for faculty and staff housing, to be leased at below market rates to JUHSD employees to attract and retain staff and promote high quality education.

The current land use is JUHSD district offices, which will be moved to a new location. The development will also support an 1,400 square foot facility for a Head Start preschool, including two classrooms and an outdoor play area.

This transformative development will fund the future of education in Daly City, by stabilizing school district finances by utilizing land already owned by the district.

A Sustainable, Transit-Oriented Development

In addition to adding 1,113 much needed housing Daly City, the Serramonte Del Rey Neighborhood will include elements of our climate SMART—Sustainable, Mixed, Affordable, Resilient, Transit-Oriented principles. Ground level stores including cafes, restaurants, exercise studios and more allow residents to walk to amenities, lowering emissions. Serramonte Del Rey Neighborhood’s plans include green spaces such as a community garden, park, and recreation trail, drought tolerant plants, and energy efficient buildings with solar panels and water conservation measures.

Serramonte Del Rey Neighborhood has been planned with sustainable transportation in mind.The project’s design elements include complete streets to promote safe active transportation, EV chargers, and shuttles to reduce residents’ need to drive. As a transit-oriented community, Serramonte Del Rey Neighborhood is ​adjacent to a bus stop with 10 minute headways during peak times, a four minute drive to Colma BART station, and five minutes from Daly City BART station, as well as a short walk to Serramonte Mall. The walkable and bikeable street design combined with mixed-use development will create a sustainable community.

According to GreenTRIP—a free online tool created by Transform that models traffic and greenhouse gas impacts of residential projects in California— Serramonte Del Rey Neighborhood will result in:

  • 14,602 fewer miles driven every day compared to the San Mateo County average.
    38% fewer GHG impacts every day compared to the San Mateo County average.
    22% less parking use every day compared to the San Mateo County average.
    $1,048 in transportation savings for future residents.

The plan for the Serramonte Del Rey neighborhood has been endorsed by many Bay Area elected officials and advocacy groups, including Senator Josh Becker, Assemblymember Kevin Mullin, Bay Area Council, Housing Action Coalition, and the California Federation of Teachers. Greenbelt Alliance is proud to add our name to this list and support this impactful project.

Read more about the Serramonte Del Rey Neighborhood here.

Greenbelt Alliance’s Climate SMART—Sustainable, Mixed, Affordable, Resilient, Transit-Oriented— Development Endorsement Program goals call for fully protecting the Bay Area’s greenbelt, directing growth within existing communities, reducing greenhouse gas emissions, and accomplishing both in a way that equitably benefits all Bay Area residents. Our Endorsement Program supports projects that advance the right kind of development in the right places. By promoting climate SMART development, we can create thriving, resilient neighborhoods with ready access to transit and housing choices for all of the Bay Area’s people. Find out more about our Endorsement Program here. Feel free to contact our team for more information and support.

Header Photo: Rendering courtesy of the Serramonte Del Rey Neighborhood

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