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Letter to the Editor: It’s good for Alameda

In its editorial on the redevelopment plan for the former naval air station in Alameda (“Off base,” Jan. 18), The Chronicle got some things right and some things wrong.

Greenbelt Alliance agrees that the plan envisions exactly the kind of development that should be encouraged in the Bay Area. It calls for new parks, improved ferry service and the creation of a neighborhood with shops, jobs and more than 4,000 homes — of which more than 1,000 would be affordable to moderate- and low-income households.

We disagree, though, with The Chronicle’s assessment of Measure B, the ballot initiative that is necessary to move the redevelopment plan forward. A review by an urban economics expert, commissioned by Greenbelt Alliance, found that the contention that the Alameda Point development would have a negative fiscal impact on the city is probably overblown.

Additionally, Greenbelt Alliance’s analysis of the ballot measure’s language finds that the Alameda City Council and other regulatory agencies would be able to exercise control over Alameda Point’s development even after Measure B passes.

Alameda residents, and the Bay Area overall, deserve a great community at Alameda Point. Greenbelt Alliance urges Alameda voters to vote yes on Measure B on Feb. 2.


Executive Director, Greenbelt Alliance



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