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Letter to the editor: ‘Yes’ on Measure R

The Sierra Club, the League of Women Voters, labor unions, and the Greenbelt Alliance, among others, strongly agree that Measure R is the right approach.

Leaders, including Assemblywoman Nancy Skinner, state Sen. Loni Hancock, and Robert Reich, former secretary of labor, also have endorsed Measure R — because revitalizing downtown Berkeley is well worth everyone’s time.

Measure R directs our City Council to create a plan that will bring new life to the downtown and incentivize projects that help us meet our environmental, labor, and affordability goals.

Measure R takes a broad, proactive, and creative approach to bring more residents and business to Downtown Berkeley. These new resources and vitality will fuel the improvements to transportation, safety, and public spaces we all want to see.

Let’s hand our council a mandate to create the green, vibrant downtown that Berkeley deserves. Contrary to the Times’ cynicism, we, as a city, do have the power to shape the future of our downtown.

Measure R will help us get more people living close to work, close to transit, and close to the local businesses we love. Opportunities to choose greener, healthier lifestyles are well worth our time.

Let’s not waste any more time on naysaying, cynicism, and fear, while we wait for a better downtown. Join the Berkeley Rep, Livable Berkeley, the League of Conservation Voters, the Downtown Berkeley Association, and many others and vote “yes” on Measure R. It’s time for Berkeley to move forward.

Eric Panzer



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