Maps of All Eight Sonoma County Community Separators

Along with urban growth boundaries, community separators are a key tool for protecting the greenbelt between Sonoma County’s cities and towns. Below are detailed maps of all eight¬†community separators in Sonoma County:

Pro Tip: You can also create your own map with the interactive Greenbelt Mapper, using our “policy protection” selection.

If you have any questions about these maps, contact us today. We’re here to help!¬†

2 Comments on “Maps of All Eight Sonoma County Community Separators

  1. We have a property at 2050 Crane Canyon Road east of Rohnert Park. We are interested to know whether our property falls within the green zone or not.

  2. Hello Adrian,
    With the recent adoption of the expanded Community Separators policy, it appears your property falls within their designation, or the green zone. You can see the new Community Separator boundaries in more detail by going to Sonoma County’s webpage:

    Please let me or Teri Shore, our North Bay Regional Director, know if you have any further questions.


    Adam Garcia
    Planning and Research Manager

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