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Hold the Line, Dublin: Vote NO on Measure T

This November, Greenbelt Alliance asks Dublin residents to uphold the city’s urban limit lines by voting no on Measure T.

Deceptively named the “Let Dublin Decide Initiative”, Measure T is a sprawl developer-sponsored initiative meant to confuse voters and to nullify Dublin’s recently-adopted urban limit line, which defines a clear boundary where development can and cannot go.

Specifically, Measure T would significantly push out Dublin’s eastern urban limit line to include 1,650 acres of open space in Doolan Canyon that are currently off-limits to development. The only reason for doing this is to allow for new sprawl development.

If it passes, Measure T would undo all the positive progress that Dublin has made in protecting Alameda County’s vital open spaces. Sprawl development in Doolan Canyon would increase traffic congestion on Dublin Boulevard and I-580, stress the local water supply amid California’s historic drought, require expensive new urban infrastructure, and destroy adjacent natural and agricultural lands.

Thankfully, Dublin’s residents and leadership have both taken a stand against more sprawl development in Doolan Canyon. This past spring, over 3,600 residents signed the petition in support of an environmentally-friendly measure that protects Doolan Canyon and also makes the city’s western urban limit line permanent. The City Council then voted unanimously to adopt it and to officially oppose Measure T in June. Despite what “Let Dublin Decide” may imply, it’s clear that Dublin has already decided: no more sprawl.

Vote NO on Dublin’s Measure T.

No on Measure T is recommended by every Dublin city councilmember and planning commissioner, the Dublin Unified School District, the Dublin San Ramon Services District Board members, prominent community leaders, and every local environmental group: the Tri-Valley Conservancy, Save Mount Diablo, the Sierra Club, Friends of the Vineyards, Greenbelt Alliance, the Ohlone Audubon Society, and the California Native Plant Society.  

Updated on 10/23/14: The Contra Costa Times recommends Dublin residents vote NO on Measure T (link to editorial).

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