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Novato Crowd Stands Up for Open Space

The city of Novato’s movers and shakers showed up in force for the Meet Up and Party to support Yes on Measure D to protect open space and prevent sprawl! We sipped Trek Wine, munched on homemade goodies, and stepped up to the microphone.

The big take-home message: voters need to know Measure D costs taxpayers nothing as it simply renews the existing urban growth boundary (UGB).

I welcomed the crowd, Max Perry of Sierra Club introduced the elected officials, and Susan Stompe of Marin Conservation League spoke about passing the original UGB measure 20 years ago. Novato Mayor Denise Athas and City Council members Pat Eklund, Pam Drew, and Eric Lucan heralded their unanimous support for Yes on Measure D. We are also happy that Marin County Supervisor Judy Arnold, who represents Novato, announced her endorsement and Supervisor Damon Connolly reaffirmed his endorsement for Measure D. See the growing list of endorsers here.

Mayor Athas and Councilmember Eklund are talking to voters and handing out fliers about Yes on Measure D as they campaign for their re-election next month. “I hope that everyone comes out and supports Measure D,” said Mayor Athas. “It is so important for Novato and Marin County in general.” Councilmember Eklund, who helped pass the original measure 20 years ago said, “I’m so glad that we had a 5 – 0 vote on putting this back on the ballot to renew the urban growth boundary, which I supported all along.”

Councilmember Eric Lucan remarked, “the urban growth boundary is a legacy and a foundation that so many of you have put into place for Novato, and I look forward to making Yes on D happen.”

Many of the community leaders and individuals who have also endorsed the measure came by the event to volunteer and make contributions, ensuring Measure D passes on Nov. 7, 2017.

Yes on Measure D signs will be ready soon, so if you live in Novato or care about protecting open space in Marin County, please sign up here to receive a sign. You can also endorse the measure and make a contribution to the campaign online.

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