Greenbelt Alliance Wins Lawsuit over Oakley Floodplain Development

  In a decision announced yesterday, Judge Diana Becton Smith ruled that the City of Oakley did not adequately address the environmental impacts of its plan to build 4,300 houses in the San Joaquin-Sacramento River Delta. Greenbelt Alliance, the Bay Area’s advocate for vibrant places and open spaces, sued the City of Oakley in April 2006, arguing that the city failed to meet the requirements of the California Environmental Quality Act. “Oakley’s… Read More

Greenbelt Alliance, AF Evans Create Partnership to Promote Infill, Bringing Affordable Homes Closer to Jobs and Saving Land

In a landmark agreement, the San Francisco Bay Area’s land conservation nonprofit Greenbelt Alliance and housing developer AF Evans today announced a partnership which will, for the first time, give renters and homebuyers the ability to choose a home that is certified as good for the greenbelt. Infill projects by AF Evans that meet Greenbelt Alliance’s standards for good development will be stamped as “Livable Communities” by Greenbelt Alliance. The certification will… Read More

Grand Boulevard Initiative

In order to get community input on the Grand Boulevard Initiative, Greenbelt Alliance invited community leaders to participate on a Technical Advisory Committee to test and select messages that resonate with residents, students and small business owners.

San Jose Diridon Station

The challenge and the opportunity at Diridon Station is for San Jose to create a vibrant, inclusive and walkable community.