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Evan Lovett-Harris

127 miles down!

Climate Ride started yesterday, and we’ve already completed 127 miles of cycling the past two days! Tired legs, large appetites, and conversations with new friends were the discussion topics at our camp tonight in Caspar Beach. After a meal of sausages and salad we were given a warning about Tuesday — it’s a hilly long day of 100 miles. We’re off to bed by 9 p.m., so that we can wake up nice and early at 4:45 a.m.

Other highlights — Adam Garcia, policy researcher, spoke last night in front of a packed house of 150 riders. And on a completely different note, today we found Sasquatch, albeit in miniature form.

We made our way inland from the land of majestic redwood trees to the Mendocino coast, where we were wowed by the crashing waves of the Pacific and the abundance of undeveloped beaches. It’s rejuvenating, and a little tiring as well!

Stay tuned for future updates; there’s virtually no internet service, but I’ll try my best to share our stories.

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