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San Jose Envision 2040 in final stretch!

After four years of meetings, the Envision 2040 Task Force signed off on the General Plan, sending it on its way for approval by the San Jose Planning Commission and City Council.

Greenbelt Alliance has used its seat on the Task Force to create a coalition of allied task force members and public advocates who will join us this fall in speaking in support of the plan.

The San Jose Planning Commission will vote on the plan on September 28 and send it to the City Council on October 25. Join us at these meetings to praise a job well done and thank staff for their hard work. Here are some points:

  • Congratulations! Envision 2040 lays out a green, healthy and equitable future for San Jose.
  • Greenbelt Alliance sees a need to continue to prioritize walking, cycling and transit use. A commitment at all levels to design a city with people in mind will ensure that those who live, work, visit and play in San Jose can easily move about town.
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