San Jose: Vote NO on Measure B & YES on Measure C

We’re working around the clock to defeat the deceptive Measure B in San Jose.

Funded by two billionaires, the 367-page Evergreen Initiative would rewrite local rules to facilitate sprawl development across the city. It poses a major threat to thousands of acres of open space across San Jose, including the iconic Coyote Valley—a lynchpin landscape at the city’s southern edge that connects the Mount Hamilton Range with the Santa Cruz Mountains. The measure also includes detailed plans for a 200-acre sprawling development on the city’s eastern edge, paving over greenbelt lands while bypassing affordable housing requirements and local fees.

If approved, Measure B would set a dangerous precedent for the entire Bay Area—replacing community-driven planning and environmental safeguards with a rush to the ballot box and more slick advertising campaigns. It would bring more traffic and congestion, increase air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions, impact critical wildlife habitat, and strain our drinking water supply. It is opposed by a diverse coalition of seniors, veterans, environmentalists, and community members across the political spectrum.

Yes on C

To counteract Measure B, Mayor Sam Liccardo and the San Jose City Council have put forward an alternative initiative, Measure C. The City’s measure would prevent the negative effects of Measure B and create new protections for open space lands at the edges of San Jose.

Greenbelt Alliance urges San Jose residents to vote NO on Measure B and YES on Measure C.

Photo: Wesley Lee

One Comment on “San Jose: Vote NO on Measure B & YES on Measure C

  1. San Jose has become completely unaffordable because single family homes are not allowed to be built!
    Down with high density housing and increasing highway congestion!

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