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Supporting People-Focused Transportation in Contra Costa County

While so much of our region’s focus is on housing, smart transportation planning is also key to ensuring walkable, bikeable neighborhoods and quality commuting options.

The Contra Costa Transportation Authority (CCTA) is planning to place a new half-cent sales tax for transportation on the March 2020 ballot. This measure could raise $3 billion over 30 years, but your voice is needed to ensure that money is spent wisely.

Where we decide to put our transportation dollars will impact how the Bay Area grows for the foreseeable future. Will the County prioritize sprawl-enabling highway expansion, or public transportation and bicycle infrastructure? Will we continue to structure our transportation system around cars or people?

In 2016, Contra Costa County voters rejected a transportation sales tax because it didn’t align with their values. The CCTA is updating a draft transportation expenditure plan through the summer, which includes a percentage breakdown of how the money is spent.

Contra Costa residents need sustainable and equitable investment in public transportation. That’s why Greenbelt Alliance is working with a coalition of partners and community-based organizations to urge the Contra Costa Transportation Authority to commit to:

  1. Invest in public transportation to reduce traffic and air pollution.
  2. Prioritize transportation solutions that advance social equity.
  3. Meaningfully engage diverse Contra Costa communities in the process.
  4. Protect open space.

To get involved in this campaign or to learn more about our work in Contra Costa County, please contact us today.

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