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San Francisco Votes for Affordable Housing by Saying YES to Prop A

UPDATE: We are excited that Prop. A passed with a majority vote approving the critical funding that will go towards homes people can afford in the city! This is the solution we were seeking in the face of an extreme housing crisis.

The San Francisco County Board of Supervisors unanimously voted to place Proposition A on the November 2019 ballot to raise $600 million for the construction and rehabilitation of affordable housing throughout the city.

This bond will fund the construction of more than 2,800 affordable homes over the next four years. It will be the largest such measure in the city’s history. The funds will be invested in the following ways:

  • $220 million to acquire, build, and rehabilitate 100% affordable projects for very-low and extremely-low income individuals;
  • $150 million to repair and rebuild distressed public housing and its infrastructure;
  • $150 million to acquire and construct new senior housing rentals;
  • $20 million to construct permanently affordable rental housing for educators and employees of San Francisco Unified School District and City College of San Francisco; and
  • $60 million to acquire and rehabilitate rental housing and to help middle-income residents with affordable homeownership or rental options.

The measure required a two-thirds majority vote to pass.

Providing new affordable homes in San Francisco will improve the quality of life of all San Francisco residents, alleviate lengthy commutes and the resulting air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions, and reduce pressure for sprawl development on the region’s iconic natural and agricultural lands. We are proud the San Franciscans chose to vote yes on Prop A!

Feel free to contact us with any questions you have on Prop. A.

Photo: Alex Wolo via Unsplash

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