Proposition 6 will take funding away from public transportation like this bus in Walnut Creek
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California Votes NO on Proposition 6

Update: In November 2018, California voters said NO to Proposition 6, ensuring an overdue investment in the state’s transportation infrastructure can move forward.

Prop. 6 would have repealed SB1, which authorized the 2017 increases to the state gas tax and vehicle fee that currently provide $5.6 billion a year for transportation projects. Of that total, more than $1 billion is specifically focused on public transit, bike, and pedestrian projects, which are vital to reducing greenhouse gas emissions and fighting climate change.

At the time of the vote, more than 6,500 projects funded by SB 1 were underway. Most of these would have been stopped if Prop. 6 had passed. That means that Prop. 6 would not just have taken money away from badly-needed transportation upgrades and maintenance; it would have cost jobs and damaged local economies.

Prop. 6 threatened the future health of our environment, our infrastructure, and our cities and towns. It would have taken away from public transit, bike paths, and pedestrian walkways, all of which are absolutely essential to smart growth and thriving communities.

Prop. 6 would be have been an absolute disaster for the Bay Area and California as a whole. That’s why we’re so thrilled that voters rejected Proposition 6 in November 2018.

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