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Election 2016 Win: San Mateo County Says YES to Measure K

UPDATE: We’re excited that Measure K passed in the November 2016 election!

Measure K generates much needed funding for affordable homes, parks, and other essential services by extending San Mateo County’s existing ½ cent sales tax for another 20 years.

Measure K was placed on the ballot by a unanimous vote of the San Mateo County Supervisors after requests from housing, safety, education and community advocates, to continue improving the quality of life in San Mateo County.

The measure will provide funds to support essential services we count on every day, like public safety, healthcare, transit and fixing potholes, as well as a major new investment in affordable homes for renters and homeowners.

We’re particularly excited that the measure will help provide affordable homes for seniors, people with disabilities, veterans and working families, including teachers and first responders.

High housing costs are having a devastating effect on the lives of many San Mateo County residents. It’s also a problem for our natural and agricultural lands. When people are no longer able to afford to live in communities near jobs and transit, they often move to less-expensive neighborhoods at the edges of the region and beyond. This can create new sprawl pressure in these edge communities, threatening the greenbelt lands that benefit us all.

Measure K was proposed by the San Mateo County Board of Supervisors’ “Closing the Jobs/Housing Gap Task Force,” which has worked since 2015 to identify options to increase housing affordability throughout the county.

Greenbelt Alliance urges everyone in San Mateo County to vote YES on Measure K.

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