California Proposition 1 will help spur construction of new homes people can afford across the state
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California Votes YES on Proposition 1 to Bring New Homes to the State

Update: We’re thrilled that California voters passed Proposition 1 in November 2018!

California Proposition 1 is an excellent opportunity to address the Bay Area’s lack of homes people can afford on a statewide level, and Greenbelt Alliance is happy to have endorsed this measure. This bond measure creates $4 billion in funding for housing needs across California, including specific funds set aside for veterans and working families.

It also features funding for projects that align with Greenbelt Alliance’s smart growth principles, encouraging the construction of homes near public transportation. Prop. 1 creates many grant and loan opportunities that will benefit Bay Area communities and will be a major step towards ensuring everyone in our region finds a home they can afford in a neighborhood they love.

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