San Mateo County's Measure W would help fund SamTrans

Vote YES on San Mateo County’s Measure W

Update: We’re thrilled that San Mateo County Voters said YES to Measure W in November 2018.

Greenbelt Alliance endorsed San Mateo County‚Äôs Measure W to reduce traffic congestion and improve public transportation. This measure will raise approximately $2.4 billion over 30 years, money that will support local transit, improve infrastructure for bicycles and pedestrians, create better connections to regional transit networks, and maintain highways and streets. This will be accomplished via a half-cent sales tax.

With a full sixty percent of the funds intended for transit operations and capital, this measure can help spur transit-oriented development, provide residents with new transportation options, and reduce emissions from car traffic. All investment will be shaped by a strong set of guiding principles, included in the measure to influence the selection of individual projects. These principles include the following:

  • Facilitate the reduction of vehicle miles traveled and greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Incentivize transit, bicycle, pedestrian, carpooling and other shared-ride options over driving alone.
  • Enhance safety and public health.
  • Maximize traffic reduction potential associated with the creation of new housing opportunities in high-quality transit corridors.
  • Promote environmentally friendly transportation solutions and projects that incorporate green.
  • Create stormwater infrastructure and plan for climate change.

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2 Comments on “Vote YES on San Mateo County’s Measure W

    • Hi Jacque, thanks for asking — happy to help.
      The measure funds road improvements, transit services, and implementation of the San Mateo County Congestion Relief Plan.
      The complete Congestion Relief Plan, with a detailed description of the proposed projects and examples of such projects, can be found in the full text of the measure but it provides that the proceeds must be invested in five identified transporation-related categories within the County as follows:

      22.5% in highway projects throughout the County, including Highway 101 and 280
      12.5% in major arterial and local roadway improvements in key congested areas throughout the County
      5% in bicycle, pedestrian, and active transportation projects throughout the County:
      10% in infrastructure and services designed to improve transit connectivity between the County and the greater Bay Area region; and
      50% to support operations and capital needs of the County’s primary public transit services, including SamTrans bus and paratransit services and Caltrain

      Here’s a link to more details link to more details if you’d like to look into it more.

      -Amy Henson, Marketing Director, Greenbelt Alliance

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