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Election 2016 Win: Santa Clara County Says Yes to Parks

UPDATE: Measure A passed in the June 2016 primaries!

On June 7, voters will decide whether or not they want to continue to support conserving open spaces throughout Santa Clara County. Measure A is an initiative that would renew the Park Charter Fund, which provides essential resources for the maintenance and expansion of the county’s public parks.

Renewed six times since 1972, the fund has had strong support among voters for decades. Should the measure pass—beginning on July 1, 2017—$57 million would be allocated to support county parks. This measure is not a tax, and as such does not require the two-thirds majority of votes required for tax measures.

Greenbelt Alliance urges voters in Santa Clara County to support Measure A. If it passes, the measure will:

  • Protect, preserve, and expand the over 50,000 acres of open space in Santa Clara County
  • Maintain water quality by protecting land around rivers, lakes, and streams
  • Update and maintain park facilities, aging roads, parking lots, and trailheads
  • Improve access to multi-use trails and natural areas

It’s important to note that this measure is not a tax, and as such, does not require the two-thirds majority of votes required for tax measures. Vote YES on Santa Clara County Measure A on June 7!

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See the full Greenbelt Alliance Bay Area Voter Guide.


Photo: Don DeBold via Flickr

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