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Yes on Prop A: More Affordable Homes in San Francisco

Everyone deserves to live in a neighborhood they are proud to call home.

Yet today, too many seniors, veterans, teachers, and families can no longer live in the communities they love because of the lack of affordable homes. San Francisco is at the center of the storm, with the highest median rent in the country. The future of the Bay Area depends on our ability to create thriving, walkable neighborhoods for people across the income spectrum that are surrounded by a greenbelt of beautiful natural areas and bountiful farms.

This November, San Francisco voters will have an opportunity to support that vision by voting yes on Proposition A, a $310 million bond for affordable housing.

Greenbelt Alliance urges San Francisco voters to vote YES on Proposition A this November.

If passed, Prop A will:

  • Provide new housing for low- and middle-income individuals and families, seniors, veterans, and people with disabilities
  • Repair dilapidated public housing for San Francisco’s lowest-income families
  • Offer loan assistance for teachers and first-time home buyers
  • Help ease the housing crunch in the Mission District

Prop A isn’t just good for San Francisco; it’s good for the entire region. Investing in new affordable homes through Prop A will help tackle the housing crisis, strengthen the economy, and create local jobs. And by providing new housing choices in the right places, it will ease development pressure on our natural and agricultural lands threatened by sprawl elsewhere in the Bay Area.

Vote yes on San Francisco’s Prop A on November 3!

All Proposition A funds go directly toward building more housing for low-income and middle-class individuals and families. Prop A is also endorsed by the Non-Profit Housing Association of Northern California, SPUR, TransForm, the Sierra Club, the San Francisco Chamber of Commerce, the San Francisco Labor Council, the San Francisco Housing Action Coalition, and many others. Learn more about Prop A.



Tell your family, friends, and followers to vote yes on Prop A!




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