Say Yes to RM 3

Regional Measure 3 provides critical investments in the Bay Area’s transportation future through an increase in tolls on the region’s seven state-owned bridges. Vote YES on RM 3 for better options for transit, walking, and biking—a win-win for our communities and the environment.

California Vote YES on Prop. 68

Proposition 68, the California Clean Water and Safe Parks Act, is a $4.1 billion bond measure funds parks, access to clean water, and improved resilience to climate change for all California residents. Vote YES on 68 this June.

San Jose: Vote NO on Measure B & YES on Measure C

Greenbelt Alliance is working around the clock to defeat the deceptive Measure B in San Jose. Funded by two billionaires, the measure would rewrite local rules to facilitate sprawl development across the city. It poses a major threat to thousands of acres of open space across San Jose. Vote NO on Measure B!

After the Sonoma County Fires: A Map for Our Housing Conversation

In response to the loss of homes in the fires and demand for more homes for all, Sonoma County has set a goal of adding as many as 30,000 houses and other dwellings to its cities and towns over the next five years. Here’s a Housing Conversation Map to clarify some of the planning terms.

Union City’s Raid on Voter-Approved Funds to Pay for Road Expansion Fails

Greenbelt Alliance and partners from the East and West Bay showed up in force to oppose a reckless raid on public transit, bicycle, and pedestrian funding proposed by the City of Union City.

Park Profile: Mori Point

A Panorama of Mori Point

Learn more about Mori Point, a newcomer to the Golden Gate National Recreation Area with stunning views of the Pacific coast. Located just south of San Francisco, this incredibly accessible park makes it easy to get out of the city for a quick hike.

Protecting Sonoma County’s Vital Lands

Greenbelt Alliance is thrilled that the new Ag + Open Space District Vital Lands Initiative prioritizes natural and agricultural lands on the urban edge as among the most critical landscapes to protect forever.

Greenbelt Alliance Endorsed: Gateway at Millbrae Station Approved

Gateway at Millbrae Station

Greenbelt Alliance is excited to endorse the proposed Gateway at Millbrae Station development by Republic Urban. This proposal is a smart step toward making Millbrae a better place to live and hope that it will inspire communities around the Bay Area to redouble their efforts to grow smartly.

Yes on 68: Support the California Clean Water and Safe Parks Act

Greenbelt Alliance endorsed Proposition 68—the California Clean Water and Safe Parks Act. Prop 68 is a general obligation bond that invests $4.1 billion to address some of California’s most important water, park, and natural resource needs.

Climate Smart San Jose Plan

San Jose City Council unanimously passed the Climate Smart San Jose Plan with a Phase 2 analysis of the plan, which includes the Natural and Working Lands Analysis.