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City of Sonoma voters passed Measure S in November 2000 to adopt an urban growth boundary (UGB) with a 64% “yes” vote. This voter-approved UGB expires December 31, 2020, and we’re working hard to ensure it’s renewed before that happens.

The UGB is a line around the city that contains development. It protects surrounding open space and farmland from unhealthy sprawl. It has safeguarded the City of Sonoma for 20 years and needs to be renewed by the voters by December 2020 to avoid any lapse in that protection.

What the UGB Does

  • Protects open spaces and farmlands
  • Protects the environment and public health
  • Preserves Sonoma’s small-town character
  • Prevents sprawl
  • Supports housing
  • Encourages climate-smart planning
  • Costs taxpayers nothing

To renew the existing UGB before it expires in December 2020, the City Council of Sonoma needs to put forth a ballot measure that continues the UGB for at least another 20 years. This will give the community a chance to vote on this issue, which is more important than ever.

Renewing the UGB is an essential way to support the city’s focus on providing homes and jobs near shops and schools. It’s also key to preventing sprawl into the open space and agricultural lands on the edge of the city.

What the UGB Looks Like

City of Sonoma’s Urban Growth Boundary and General Plan Land-Use Map

Click here to view the full map.

Sonoma County’s Map of Sonoma City’s UGB, City Limits, and Sphere of Influence

Click here to view full map.

Take Action

You can help us renew the City of Sonoma’s urban growth boundary by taking action below. Sign our petition to let the city council know you want this measure on the 2020 ballot. Together we can maintain the strength of the UGB for the next generation.

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Photo: black.stilettos via Flickr

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