Climate SMART Development Endorsement Process

The Endorsement Committee will review projects according to Climate SMART Guidelines. The items below provide potential applicants with the information requested in the online application form, as well as a list of questions and prompts that the Endorsement Committee may choose to ask during or after your short presentation.

Each evaluation will assess the project in light of its unique context (location, project size, local policies, funding sources, etc.) and the expected local and regional impacts. Project sponsors will complete an online application, and following a preliminary review by Greenbelt Alliance staff, will present on how their proposed development meets each guideline in a 15-20 minute presentation to our Endorsement Committee. The presentation will be followed by a short question and answer discussion. 

Meetings will occur on a regular schedule, on the 4th Wednesday every other month at 10am. Please email to confirm the next meeting date.

You are welcome to submit an application at any time. It can take up to 2 weeks after the meeting to finalize an endorsement, as well as our letter of support if approved. Please take this into account if you have upcoming city meetings that would benefit from having an endorsement decision and (if approved) letter of support. 

How will we support your project if Endorsed?

  • Letter of Support/Endorsement to the relevant committee/commission/council meeting as requested
  • Letting social media (twitter/facebook) followers know about the endorsement for your project, and if requested, specific meetings you would like community comments and support for
  • Blog post on our website
  • Sharing endorsement through our email list and regional network

About The Endorsement Committee

Our Endorsement Committee members have subject matter knowledge in a diverse range of topics and experience, including environmentalists, planners, architects, designers, and public policy specialists. If you would like to be considered as a committee member please email for more information.

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