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We are taking legal action to stop new development outside the Urban Limit Line and with no water supply at Tassajara Valley. Donate to support.

On July 13, 2021, the Contra Costa County Board of Supervisors, by a vote of 4-1, approved the Tassajara Parks Development. Tassajara Parks is a 125 high-end single-family home development in unincorporated rural Tassajara Valley and outside of the county’s Urban Limit Line (ULL). 

Housing developments outside of the ULL require county-wide voter approval except for developments that are less than 30 acres meet one of seven exceptions and require a super-majority vote of the county’s supervisors. The Supervisor’s decision was made despite the fact that the project was rejected by the County’s own Planning Commission, objections by the Town of Danville, and the East Bay Municipal Utilities District (EBMUD) who has informed the county that they will not provide water, as the development is outside their Ultimate Service Boundary and required to supply water to their existing customers in the midst of worsening drought conditions.

As a result of the Supervisors’ actions, the Town of Danville, EBMUD, Greenbelt Alliance, and others promptly filed individual suits alleging that the supervisors acted illegally in their approval of Tassajara Parks. Greenbelt Alliance’s court filing is joined by a coalition of the Sierra Club, former County Supervisor Donna Gerber, and Sierra Club Activist, Jim Blickenstaff. Lending support to these efforts is the Tassajara Valley Preservation Association and its 5,000 plus petition signers who over the past five years have steadfastly opposed the Tassajara Parks urban sprawl development.

But the fight is not over and we need your support.

While we believe our litigation will be successful because of clear violations of the County’s own Measure L, in 2006, as well as violations of the California Environmental Quality Act, litigation is costly.  Your support is necessary, please make a contribution to help fund the legal battle to stop Tassajara Parks, preserve the integrity of the Urban Limit Line and hold our elected representatives accountable to you, the voters.  We ask for your support and a contribution to defray the legal fees that will be incurred by Greenbelt Alliance and its coalition. We will also keep you updated via various sources including the Tassajara Valley Preservation Association’s web page. Thank you for your support.


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