Greenbelt Alliance Endorsement Program Criteria

How Our Endorsement Works

Greenbelt Alliance’s Endorsement Program features a set of evaluation criteria that offer a transparent evaluation process and reflect recent innovations in the fields of urban design and smart growth. These criteria were developed in consultation with city planners, policy experts, non-profit leaders, and market-rate and non-profit developers. We evaluate projects based on seven goals.

Seven Criteria Goals

  1. Efficient Use of Land
  2. Affordability
  3. Walkability
  4. Transportation Options
  5. Environmental Design
  6. Community and Economic Benefits
  7. Community Engagement

For each evaluation, our team provides a careful review of the project details and local context, including consultation with experts and local residents. If a project or plan receives our endorsement, we’ll help spread the word to community members and decision makers, providing a trusted confirmation that it’s a smart investment for making the Bay Area an even better place to live.

Full endorsement criteria for individual projects (PDF)

Full endorsement criteria for neighborhood-scale projects (PDF)

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Featured Endorsements

Greenbelt Alliance is a leader in championing smart infill development around the Bay Area. Since the 1980s, we have provided an independent validation of individual developments and neighborhood-scale projects and plans. To date, we have endorsed over 175 housing plans and projects totaling over 70,000 new homes. Since 2000, our endorsements have helped improve 111 neighborhoods around the region.

View examples of our endorsements, in which Greenbelt Alliance worked with communities, local officials, and developers to ensure the right types of developments were successful in the right places.