Heather Wooten

Meet Heather

Heather Wooten is a member of Greenbelt Alliance’s Board of Directors.

heather wooten

Heather is senior vice president of program strategy at ChangeLab Solutions, where she builds the capacity of local leaders to make lasting change.

After working for over a decade at the intersection of health and built environment policy, she believes in the power of good governance to create healthy, sustainable, and economically vibrant communities for all. Heather oversees work that includes policy research, analysis, and drafting; development of innovative tools that make the policymaking process accessible to all; community and stakeholder capacity building through coaching and technical assistance; and training development and delivery. She is co-author of How to Create and Implement Healthy General Plans and recipient of the 2014 William R. and June Dale Prize for Excellence in Urban and Regional Planning from Cal Poly Pomona for her work in food systems planning. Heather graduated from the University of Minnesota and received her master’s degree in city planning from UC Berkeley.

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