Hidden Heroes of the Greenbelt


Hidden Heroes of the Greenbelt is a benefit for Greenbelt Alliance that honors local climate champions who have been engaged in extraordinary work at the intersection of land use and climate change here in the Bay Area.

The Hidden Heroes of the Greenbelt Awards recognize the often unseen, dedicated government staff who work behind the scenes to champion climate-smart plans, policies, and actions in our communities. Their stories are inspiring and their contribution will leave a legacy of positive impact throughout the region. Learn more about our 2021 Hidden Heroes of the Greenbelt event here.

Through a nomination process (which you can learn more about here), three awardees will be selected and featured at the Hidden Heroes of the Greenbelt online event in September, 2022. During this celebration, we’ll premiere short films that tell their stories and highlight the impact they’re making in communities across the Bay Area.

The hidden heroes

Greenbelt Alliance has invited elected officials, partner organizations, and our supporters to nominate a local government staff person from cities and counties around the region who work at the intersection of land use and climate change within the following categories:

Nature-Based Climate Adaptation

Heroes who work on policies and projects that leverage nature-based solutions to build climate resilience.

Planning for Resilience

Heroes who work in planning and community engagement to implement equitable, climate resilience strategies.

Abundant Climate-Smart Housing

Heroes who work to build more homes in the Bay Area, close to jobs and transit, that are affordable for all.

You can be a hero too

We are all on a journey together to solve the common issues affecting our communities and our natural world. Everyone has a role to play, a contribution to offer, and something unique to deliver toward a solution. Our Hidden Heroes of the Greenbelt event is Greenbelt Alliance’s biggest fundraising event of the year. For this year’s event, our goal is to raise $270,000 to support the critical work we do to educate, advocate, and collaborate to ensure the Bay Area’s lands and communities are resilient to a changing climate.

We will launch our ticketing platform for Hidden Heroes of the Greenbelt 2022 soon. In the meantime, if you are interested in sponsoring this event, contact Paris Badat for corporate opportunities at pbadat@greenbelt.org and Nora Cullinen for individual opportunities at ncullinen@greenbelt.org. 



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