Oakland is growing—fast. But until recently, planning for growth in Oakland has not kept pace. Greenbelt Alliance works with Oakland’s leaders and residents to develop plans for neighborhood growth that benefit all people. One big success has been the Broadway Valdez Specific Plan.

For six years, we worked with our partners and the City of Oakland on a specific plan to guide new development along the one-mile stretch of Broadway between Grand Avenue and I-580. This area is littered with vacant lots and underutilized spaces, including defunct car dealerships.

As a result of our work, the neighborhood formerly known as “Auto Row” now has an adopted plan to become a thriving neighborhood with 1,800 new homes.

Many of these homes will be affordable to low- and middle-income residents with access to Oakland’s transit corridor. New construction and reuse of current buildings is already underway for some components of the neighborhood plan.

Growing Smarter in Oakland’s Broadway Valdez Neighborhood

This plan is an important step toward alleviating Oakland’s, and the Bay Area’s, housing crisis in a way that benefits current and future residents, and will stimulate the local economy of the Broadway Valdez neighborhood. But there is still plenty of work ahead to transform this vision into reality. We will continue working together to see this plan to fruition. Oakland thrives on the creativity of its residents, and Broadway Valdez is the perfect place to set the trend for how the Bay Area can grow smart.

Continuing Our Goals

  • In the Broadway Valdez District in Oakland, we will monitor catalytic new development proposals to ensure the neighborhood plan is implemented well.
  • Throughout Oakland, we will continue to work with partners to seek a city-wide source of funding for affordable homes.

Map of the Broadway Valdez Plan Area



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Staff Contact: Matt Vander Sluis

photo: Tim Wagner via Flickr

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