Robert Oxenburgh

Meet Robert

Robert Oxenburgh is a member of the Greenbelt Alliance Board of Directors. 

robert oxenburgh

Robert Oxenburgh, from Birmingham, England, has fond childhood memories of weekend days out in the long-established greenbelt around the UK’s largest industrial city. He has been a resident of Alamo since 1993.

He graduated in chemical engineering from Cambridge University, and subsequently from INSEAD, France with an MBA. He has worked as an engineer, in finance, in software, and at The Athenian School. There, as the business manager, he focused on the environmental sustainability of the 75-acre campus at the foot of Mount Diablo, working with students and faculty. Athenian installed 75% solar power, reduced water usage 30%, gas usage 50%, greened the dining service, and much more. Athenian was an inaugural winner of the national Green Ribbon. His 10 year retirement job at Athenian was possibly the most rewarding time of his working life. Lately, Robert has focused on Greenbelt Alliance, the nascent Field Semester School, and hiking vacations with his Danish spouse Anne-Jette. They especially enjoy the close-by trails of Mount Diablo. Robert would like to see a Bay Area with protected open and agricultural spaces as successful as those dating to 1935 in many areas of England.


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