San Jose Urban Village Toolkit

How will you improve your neighborhood?

What’s Inside

Our San Jose Urban Village Toolkit gives you everything you need to get engaged and participate in the urban village planning process in San Jose, CA.

We captured all of the big and little ideas, tips, challenges, and lessons that can help residents shape their neighborhoods—not only in San Jose, but also in neighborhoods around the region. With your download, you’ll also get our monthly e-news to keep you motivated and informed.

Topics in the toolkit:

  • The purpose and strategy behind urban villages in San Jose
  • Advice and check lists on getting started
  • Proven strategies to get your neighborhood involved
  • Advice on connecting with people who can help you
  • Inspiration and tips on communicating your vision
  • Specific resources and contacts in San Jose

This toolkit is excellent. It’s by far the best and clearest advice on organizing I’ve ever seen.
— Professor Terry Christensen, San Jose State University

San Jose State University Professor Emeritus Terry Christensen specializes in state and local politics.

How the Toolkit Can Help You


With 70 urban villages to plan throughout the city, it will take the power of local people with easy to use tools at their fingertips to make these planning processes a success. So, we created the first Urban Village Toolkit written exclusively for the community.

It will help you cut through technical jargon and connect with neighbors, the City, and developers who can help you preserve and build on all of the things that make your neighborhood great.

We created the toolkit based on our first-hand experience in the West San Carlos Street and South Bascom Avenue urban villages, as well as focus groups with San Jose residents and our decades of experience working on land-use issues in San Jose and throughout the Bay Area.

If you want to get involved in San Jose but need help, contact Matt Vander Sluis.

More Resources


  • What is an urban village?

Toolkit Starter Pack

  • Helpful resources to get started.

Urban Village List

  • Upcoming San Jose urban villages.

First-Time Advocates

  • Advice on community advocacy.

How will you improve your neighborhood?