$7 Million settlement for farmland in East Bay

Greenbelt Alliance and The San Francisco Foundation announced today the resolution of a Oakley lawsuit in the Contra Costa Superior Court.

Green Your City’s Blueprint: A Toolkit to Make Planning Easier

(Note: This is another in our series of expert blogs on TOD highlighting work and research that experts and advocates are doing in the field. Today we have Jennifer Gennari, Communications Director at Greenbelt Alliance) Individual actions — bicycling instead of driving, turning off lights, recycling — are often the first steps taken to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. What we do collectively, though, can have a greater impact. Policies that change where we build are… Read More

New Partners in Planning San Jose

Like many big cities, San Jose has distinct neighborhoods where generations of families have made their homes. That’s what attracts Rebecca Gallardo, who was born and raised in East San Jose, to stay.

Green Your City’s Blueprint: The tools to influence change

Greenbelt Alliance’s newest publication, Green Your City’s Blueprint: A Toolkit for Climate-Friendly General Plans, provides local advocates with clear instructions to change a general plan to be more climate-friendly.

Green Your City’s Blueprint

climate smart city plan

This toolkit provides local advocates with clear instructions to change a general plan to be more climate-friendly and outlines the tools needed to succeed.

Huge development on fringe of Bay sparks debate over ‘smart growth’

Maureen Nandini Mitra A wide dirt road cuts through the middle of the large, multi-hued salt harvesting ponds that stretch as far as the eye can see. Except for a few heavy trucks that trundle past, and a couple of ramshackle buildings, not much sign of human activity is visible on this stark, sweeping landscape in Redwood City, on the southern fringe of the San Francisco Bay. Since 1901, a natural evaporation… Read More

Judge stops subdivision near delta levees

A Contra Costa County judge has blocked a planned 4,500-home development on Oakley farmland next to aging levees on the Sacramento-San Joaquin River Delta.

Greenbelt Alliance Wins Lawsuit over Oakley’s Failure to Protect Farmland

San Francisco—In a precedent-setting decision announced yesterday, Superior Court Judge Barry Baskin ruled against the City of Oakley, denying its request to move forward with its plans to build a housing development on Delta floodplain and farmland. Greenbelt Alliance, the Bay Area’s advocate for vibrant places and open spaces, had sued Oakley to force consideration of the environmental impact of sprawling onto more than 1,600 acres of important agricultural land. “Inexplicably, the… Read More

Greenbelt Alliance Unveils Grow Smart Bay Area

New initiative challenges Bay Area leaders to reach more vibrant, sustainable future Greenbelt Alliance, a regional leader in growth and development issues, unveiled its Grow Smart Bay Area initiative today in San Francisco. The initiative lays out a vision, backed by intensive research, for how Bay Area cities and towns can accommodate a growing population with compact development in existing neighborhoods, to create more vibrant, sustainable communities. By 2035, nearly two million… Read More

Grow Smart Bay Area

Nimish Gogri via Flickr

By changing how the Bay Area grows, we can make our region more climate-friendly, affordable, and economically competitive—and protect the greenbelt.