Final Council decision on Cloverdale urban growth boundary Mon. 6/28

Wednesday, the Cloverdale City Council decided to delay the vote on the urban growth boundary to a special session on Monday, June 28. Council directed city staff to adjust the language to protect …

Cloverdale planning commission votes in favor of urban growth boundary

On June 2, the Cloverdale planning commission voted in favor of the draft urban growth boundary. This is great news because the planning commission took our requests into consideration.

Tassajara Valley threatened by developers’ plans

Developers are pushing Contra Costa County officials to approve a 193- unit housing development in the Tassajara Valley called “New Farm.” They’re also mobilizing a campaign convince San Ramon to expand its urban growth boundary.

Brentwood votes down Measure F!

Victory! On June 8, Brentwood voters soundly rejected Measure F, the urban limit line expansion that would have sacrificed 740 acres of valuable agricultural lands to sprawl. With 100% of precincts reporting, Brentwood voted down Measure F 57-43%.

Cloverdale to consider adopting an urban growth boundary

After years of community input and urging by Greenbelt Alliance, the City Council is now poised to place an urban growth boundary measure on the 2010 ballot.

Brentwood: Vote no on Measure F

Greenbelt Alliance, Save Mount Diablo, Sierra Club, and Brentwood residents have organized an opposition campaign to Measure F. If all goes well June 8, this development scheme will be beaten back, again.

Williamson Act Properties

Williamson Act properties at risk of development.

Greenbelt and SB 375 at League Day

Saturday, January 30, Executive Director Jeremy Madsen will share Greenbelt Alliance’s Grow Smart Bay Area vision at the annual Bay Area League Day hosted by the League of Women Voters.

Court ruling might have valley agriculture implications

A decision in a lawsuit between an environmental group and the City of Oakley appears to strengthen efforts to curb city development sprawl into certain agricultural areas. It may even have implications for enabling cities to require developers to pay into a fund that would bring about such agricultural improvements as irrigation districts. Such an arrangement could be similar to the kinds of park fees or in-lieu housing fees that developers pay instead of building parks or moderate-priced housing themselves.

Judge stops subdivision near delta levees

A Contra Costa County judge has blocked a planned 4,500-home development on Oakley farmland next to aging levees on the Sacramento-San Joaquin River Delta.