What Are Urban Growth Boundaries and Why Do We Need Them?

An urban growth boundary (UGB) separates urban areas from the surrounding natural and agricultural lands, or greenbelts. It puts a limit on city expansion.

To Love Our Coast: To Love The Coast We Had to Save It

Sonoma County Local Coastal Plan

By Richard Retecki and Carol Benfell, Published in Sonoma County Gazette It’s taken the efforts of hundreds of people, organizations and government agencies, working together for more than sixty years, to preserve our magnificent, dynamic, and unique Sonoma County coast. Now the Sonoma County Local Coastal Plan, an integral part of that decades-long preservation effort, is being revisited by county officials, and changes will be made. It will be important to be… Read More

Climate-Smart Solutions for Solano County

Solano County View of Mt Diablo

With the arrival of our newest staff member Kevin Riley, Greenbelt Alliance is excited to continue our work in Solano County, one of the largest jurisdictions across the Bay Area. Since 2017, we’ve been using our downtown Fairfield office to work closely with our Solano County partners. This work includes continuing to build on the educational outreach for both local residents and their elected leaders and incorporating powerful messages around the importance of… Read More

Marin Protects San Geronimo Valley by Voting No on Measure D

San Geronimo Valley No on D

By voting No on Measure D, Marin County voters will protect, connect, and restore more than 157 spectacular acres in the San Geronimo Valley. Measure D would force The Trust for Public Land to use the land as a golf course, which the organization cannot do. By voting no on D, Marin County will ensure that open space and many conservation and public benefit uses are made possible on the land that will be protected.

Adapting to a Changing Climate


On January 30, 2020, Greenbelt Alliance held a special reception and fireside chat to discuss the future of the Bay Area in a changing climate. We’re working to solve some of the region’s most pressing challenges, including local solutions for sea level rise, wildfire, drought, and flood protection, as well as how the Bay Area can embrace climate-smart growth. Executive Director Amanda Brown-Stevens sat down with Laurie Johnson—an internationally-recognized urban planner specializing… Read More

City of Sonoma Ready to Renew Urban Growth Boundary

Sonoma City Hall, where the future of the City of Sonoma General Plan will be decided.

The City of Sonoma is moving forward to renew its existing Urban Growth Boundary (UGB) for another 20 years! This is great news for open space, agricultural lands, and climate-wise city-centered growth. After a robust discussion and hearing from a crowd who care deeply about the community and environment, city leaders agreed unanimously to ask voters to renew the UGB with a ballot measure in the November 2020 election.   Next steps will… Read More

Protect Napa’s Open Space: Support Measure K

Napa County Open Space Measure K

Napa County’s Measure K will generate much-needed funding to forever protect water, parks, and open spaces throughout the county. We need your help to spread the word about Measure K and ensure that all Napa County residents vote yes this March. There are a lot of ways you can chip in to ensure Napa County’s Measure K gets passed and you don’t have to live there to help. There are several volunteer… Read More

Renew the City of Sonoma’s Urban Growth Boundary

Sonoma City Hall

Help us tell Sonoma City Council that they must give voters the chance to renew the urban growth boundary that has protected open space and farmland around the city for 20 years!

Napa Open Space Measure K Fails to Meet Two-Thirds Threshold


Napa County residents will vote on Measure K this coming March. If passed, Measure K will generate $9 million a year to forever protect water, parks, and open space. Napa County enjoys some of the most beautiful natural open space in the Bay Area, but over 10,000 acres of natural areas and agricultural lands are at risk of development. Measure K will help reduce this risk, which is why we urge you to vote yes on K this March!

Historic Deal Permanently Protects Land in Coyote Valley

Coyote Valley San Jose Deal

As San Jose’s last great open space and best asset in adapting to climate change, Greenbelt Alliance and our partners have worked together for decades to protect Coyote Valley from sprawl development.